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Pingliang: "strange insects struck   the village staged a" war system "- Gansu Channel – original title: Pingliang: strange insects struck the village staged a" war "system" strange insects "struck the village staged a" war system "in the hands of the" strange insects "kill" strange insects "with lime the villagers in front of the" strange insects "Western Daily reporter Tao Yishan Zheng Bing for map (Western Daily reporter correspondent Tao Yishan Zheng Bing) the evening of October 11th, forty in Gansu province Pingliang City Kongtong town twenty village shop, two villagers in front of the house behind the house was suddenly surrounded by tens of thousands of" strange insects ". For so many insects do not know where to come, the villagers in addition to panic is more than I do not know how to solve. Yesterday morning forty in the town government said there is "involved", insect causes is not caused by the cold and wet plants, harm to the human body and the farmers, for reasons of insects there this year, the relevant departments under investigation. In the village there are a lot of strange insects "villagers panic twenty shop villagers Wang Xiaojun (a pseudonym) told reporters that the bug first appeared in October 3rd, but the number is not much, this for rural people is not what strange things, so he never cared. But who knows, a few days later, tens of thousands of insects appear, especially in October 7th that day, Wang Xiaojun found out from the house, outside the walls covered with the worm, not stop wriggling, he will be really scared. The next few days, Wang Xiaojun and fellow villagers have come up with ways to drive away insects, prevent them from invading, such as spraying pesticides, lime, and fire. But the effect is minimal, lethality is limited, there are still many bugs in the Fangqianwuhou activities, especially in the evening activity more bugs. A villager told reporters that so many strange insects do not know where to come, insects do not clean the day, the villagers will not feel at ease. These insects attracted everyone’s attention, the local health doctor Li Qiang (a pseudonym) told reporters that he read the "Compendium of Materia Medica", think that these insects are recorded in the book of a kind of insect — "Malu" larvae, but the worm has never been so massive in the twenty village shop there, what is it. During the interview, the villagers in the village of twenty shops are very worried about a large area of insect pests will cause harm to humans and animals. The worm is "Malu" because of the cold and wet plants produced yesterday afternoon the reporter linked to the Kongtong District of Pingliang City forty Li Pu Zhen town government, a staff member of the general office told reporters that these insects are "Malu", the reason is the plant bugs produced by damp and cold. "Malu" is generally at night, daytime rarely. The number of people in the village is not very large, these insects have no effect on crops, no harm to the human body. Now has three kinds of pest control measures, one is using insecticide, two is the organization of farmers on the roadside firewood heap is cleared, three key areas of insects much the lime sprinkled on the road surface. At present, these three measures are being taken to complete the clean-up step by step. These insects have not appeared in previous years, and why this year, the relevant departments are under further investigation相关的主题文章: