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Sales-Management The work of this months .pany thats doing good is, to put it bluntly, out of this world (or at least off of it). Planetary Resources is a .pany thats focused solely on reducing the toll we take on earth and its natural resources through the technique of deep space asteroid mining. Even the most scientifically illiterate among us agree that earth only has so many resources available that we can use for our own purposes. Its like a Capri-Sun juice box that only has so much juice in it (theres never enough, right?). What this .pany proposes is that there are over 1,500 asteroids orbiting the earth at any given time, and that these asteroids carry a virtually infinite amount of natural resources (such as platinum or water) that we can use here on earth. They maintain that these asteroids are no harder to reach than the moon, and that development of these techniques will lead to a environmentally sound earth, and an economically sound development of space resources. They believe we have two options: Continue using the earths resources until they are .pletely gone, then move to another planet. Stop using so much of earths resources, utilize the resources that space presents, and maintain a more environmentally sound living situation here on the planet we have. Some of this may sound a little crazy and too futuristic. But hey, were living in the future right now. Also, their plans are extremely long-term. Theyre only beginning to develop plans on how to even scout for and determine which asteroids are available for mining, not to mention how to capture those resources. But its a dream worth pursuing, isnt it? The hope that we can stop pumping the juice out of earth, and start squeezing the floating space rocks around us for things we need should fill even the most cynical with at least a curious hope. The more we can do to minimize our impact on our planet, the better. Thats why were recognizing Planetary Resources as one of our .panies That Are Doing Good. Thank you for all the very hard work youre doing, and keep it up! About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: