Play a new height Lego turned into a large art – People’s network game incubus

Play a new height   Lego turned into a large art – People’s game original title: play a new height! Lego turned Lego art plastic bricks simple and compact, but contains infinite energy and creativity, which makes many friends and kids love, crazy. Players from around the world are using Lego plastic building blocks to build a variety of imaginative creative shapes. The artists will also use a piece of this seemingly simple but creative Lego blocks to create some art works. Specializing in projection artists John V. Muntean to build the two seat respectively with red and yellow and blue as the main heavy Lego blocks, and the works named "Magical Angle Sculpture". They don’t look ordinary, even ugly. But it’s too early to say that this is a failure. When John V. Muntean turn off the room lamp, a beam of light in its production of Lego toys, which looks very ordinary even Lego block some heavy projection on the wall, the other will be unbelievable. The original shape of the building blocks of no bright spots in the different angles of the projection, showing a variety of different patterns of.     the two block contains several other blocks, blue colors can be projected out of a ride on horseback rider and a sailing pirate ship on the wall; and the building blocks of red and yellow mainly can be projected a butterfly, a jet plane and a fire breathing dragon shape. (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: