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Police "Sanda" network fraud case Pixian network security publicity week curtain today "everything interconnected" era, network security is becoming increasingly important. The 6 departments of the central network, the letter office and other departments jointly organized the national network security publicity week in from September 19 to 25, 2016 in 2016. 19, the "network security network security for the people, by the people" as the theme of "Pixian (micro-blog WeChat)) 2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Week launch day activities held in Chengdu Pixian wangcong Temple Square, to strengthen the social network security awareness, mobilize the whole society to participate in the maintenance of network security. In the scene, from the Pixian Public Security Bureau police Geng Qi Star Sanda humorous way about several types of Internet fraud case for the general public friends, remind you of "network security" safety, two word in mind, won applause. Pixian relevant person in charge, during this week, will carry out network safety publicity and education activities within the county, including the "network information security" theme lectures, "network security knowledge about network security knowledge manual distribution, display case, broadcast network security public service advertisements. Through education, rule of law, finance, telecommunications, Japan, Japan, Japan Youth public propaganda series of theme activities, and media resources fully in the county do publicity, to help the public understand the security risks, improve protection skills, create a "network security network security for the people, rely on the good atmosphere of the people", to develop the public security network the common consciousness, safeguard national security. Pixian to become a good student representatives also issued a Pixian netizen initiative, called for "let us civilized Internet, good communication, promote new fashion. Scanning above the two-dimensional code, concerned about the WeChat public number "Sichuan micro government", daily push Sichuan government information, party and government publicity, personnel appointment and removal, urban services and other government information services. .

民警“散打”网络诈骗案件 郫县网络安全宣传周启幕当今“万物互联”的时代,网络安全日益重要。中央网信办等6个部门于2016年9月19日至25日联合举办2016年国家网络安全宣传周。19日,以“网络安全为人民,网络安全靠人民”为主题的“郫县(微博 微信))2016年国家网络安全宣传周启动日活动”在成都郫县望丛祠广场举行,目的在于加强社会网络安全意识,发动全社会参与维护网络安全。 现场,来自郫县公安局的散打明星警察耿琦用幽默诙谐的方式为广大市民朋友讲述了几个网络诈骗的类型案例,提醒大家“网络安全”,安全二字长记在心,获得阵阵掌声。郫县有关负责人介绍,本次活动周期间,将在全县范围内开展网络安全宣传教育活动,包括“网络信息安全”主题讲座、“网络安全知识进万家”知识手册发放、网络安全案例展示、播放网络安全公益广告等。通过教育日、电信日、法治日、金融日、青少年日、公益宣传日等系列主题活动,并充分县内媒体资源做好宣传报道,帮助公众了解安全风险,提高防护技能,营造“网络安全为人民,网络安全靠人民”的良好氛围,培养民众网络安全意识,共同维护国家网络安全。郫县学生代表还发出争做郫县好网民的倡议,号召大家“让我们文明上网,传播美好,弘扬新风尚。扫描上方二维码,关注微信公众号“四川微政务”,每日推送四川政务资讯、党政公开、人事任免、城市服务等政务信息服务。相关的主题文章: