Pottery spoon is actually the Yuan Iron tonya mitchell

Pottery was the iron – the big spoon map of Hohhot evening news reporter Ma Yan Du of Mr. Yuan Iron iron as living appliances ironing clothes began in the Shang and Zhou, Sheng in the Tang dynasty. The Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi’s poem "Liao Ling" as evidence: "wide cut shirt sleeve skirt, Jin Dou ironing wave knife Jian Wen", that the iron plays a role in people’s life. With the level of production progress, every family seems necessary old iron, also began to gradually fade out of sight. But the history evolution of iron by some collectors treasure, so that we see the original iron. Also called "iron bucket, bucket, bucket Jin Wei, Jiao Dou, commonly known as iron, which is closely related with people’s life. Whether ancient or modern, flat clothing is very exquisite, but now with the progress of science and technology, the copper iron and iron have been discarded in the home corner, some are melting, see a mark of dynasties, historical and cultural treasure without protection, I feel very distressed, and this is my original intention and the power of iron." Collectors Mr. Du introduced. Mr. Li: iron has a long history in our country. The iron used by ordinary people, is evidence of the development of our country’s science and technology, so I think the collection of iron is in the collection of history. And the exquisite carving on the iron with the replacement of the state Dynasty presents a rich cultural connotation, the characteristics of the times. Korean lady: just look at the shape of the iron, there is a profound culture, with the change of the times began to change. From the initial single to single box girder, the iron to iron later. The ancient iron with a long handle, handle type, cassette type and so on many kinds of styles, are used in the form of charcoal heating, electric heating and steam heating compared with modern iron, to many poor. Along with the development of plating bake process, process for surface modeling is becoming more and more beautiful, also began to diversify, is all kinds of variety, in different poses and with different expressions. Hohhot evening tasting tasting expert Wang Wenxiu collection: This is the Yuan Dynasty iron, can see the hand of Yuan Dynasty iron is generally a solid iron bucket body, like a big spoon, the style is simple and heavy iron. There will be some inscriptions of Yuan Dynasty iron, this will reflect its value, although the iron no inscription, but because of the age, well preserved, but also a more collectible, worthy of collection. According to historical records, China is the first country to invent and use the iron, the use of iron than foreign countries as early as 1500. Iron can reflect the historical changes in many ways, such as the shape of iron, iron in the Yuan Dynasty, there are drawbacks in the thermal conductivity, the user is very easy to burn themselves. In the Ming Dynasty, the iron was improved on the basis of the solid handle of the Yuan Dynasty as the hollow handle, and the stick was put on the iron head. At the same time, the body began to diversify, increasing the appearance of iron. The Qing Dynasty and the continuation of the shape of the Ming iron and handle, or the use of hollow handle, but the handle to.相关的主题文章: