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Self-Improvement Never underestimate the power of positive thoughts. They have the capacity to make miracles happen and turn tides. Call it whatever you want, but you cant deny that a persons vibrations have a hand on their fate. Of course, I understand that the skeptic in you might be loudly protesting. But why dont you read this article first, then check back with yourself to see whether the power of positive thoughts has gotten through to you or not. Curing An Illness Miracles of different kinds are happening all over the world right now. It could be happening to someone you know or someone you have yet to meet. One of the most popular examples of a miracle is when someones health is clearly deteriorating and all of a sudden, they get well. Sarah, 55, had been battling cancer for almost a year now. Her doctors have told her that she really didnt have very long to live. Tired of all the treatments and all the gloominess surrounding her, she decided to change her outlook on life. After all, if she isnt meant to stay on this plane for any longer, then there was nothing else she could do, right? Instead of sinking into depression, Sarah began to do all the things that she had always wanted to try. She took art classes and started painting flowers. She also started to sing and laugh more often. The people around her noticed the significant renewal in her spirit. One day, she went back to the doctor for her regular check-up and they found out that her health has dramatically improved. The Secret Formula So how did the power of positive thoughts erase Sarahs illness? Was there a secret formula of some sort involved? Honestly, positive thinking cannot always ensure 100% recovery. However, it does help improve a persons life radically. In Sarahs case, she began focusing her thoughts and her energies into more positive past times. She got rid of her negativity and started enjoying life for what it is. In a way, her subconscious began to take this as a sign that everything was turning out for the better. Miraculously, her cancer also disappeared. The Power Of Positive Thoughts In Other Situations Sarahs case is quite extreme. However, there are other situations wherein the power of positive thinking can be very useful. For example, if you are preparing to pitch a project to your boss, you cant expect a good reaction if you keep sending out negative thoughts to the universe. Thoughts like Maybe he wont like what I have to say or The board members have probably seen all of this before are surefire killers. Instead of moping in a corner, put all your enthusiasm into your project. Do the best you can so you wont have any regrets. Think This is going to be a great opportunity all throughout. Personally, the power of positive thoughts has really had an impact on my life. No matter how big or small the situation may be, I always have it in my mind to think positive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: