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Pregnant mother toilet "impatient" baby bear premature birth Hainan minimum pregnant mother was on the toilet, "impatient" baby accident premature forgot what he rushed for the wife delivered fearing infection not cut the umbilical cord, the mother was rushed to the hospital when the child was born at gestational age of 25+1 weeks, weighing 700 grams, for my province is the smallest in preterm infants after 3 months of treatment, my province is the smallest premature infants discharged from the Southern Metropolis Daily News September 20th (reporter Wang Hongxu Ventura) "we leave the hospital, go home, Grandpa and grandma wanted to see you." The morning of September 20th, the new Hainan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Pediatrics, from the town of Ding’an County Mr Lee looked at his wife’s arms baby, my heart is very happy. 3 months ago, the baby at home unexpectedly premature, Mr. Lee personally delivered, was sent to the Provincial Maternal and child health hospital, now can be smoothly discharged. At home, his wife suddenly Lee recalls, June 20th at 9 in the morning, when he and his wife ready to go out, his wife said to go to the toilet, so he was outside the gate, etc.. Who knows, after a while, his wife suddenly call him "a little bleeding", so he quickly ran into the bathroom, just a door, the child is to be found out, with his hand quickly put the child caught the children out of the placenta does not come out, particularly anxious. So he asked his brother to call 120 for help, and then wrapped the child with a towel. At that time, the child did not cry, because there are fetal water and other things. "At that time, I was scared, especially nervous, the head of a blank, are instinctive consciousness to do." Mr. Li said, because the hospital is near, about five or six minutes later, 120 ambulance arrived, cut the umbilical cord, the child and his wife go to the county people’s Hospital of Pediatrics doctor Ding’an treatment, suck out the baby mouth fetal water and other debris, the baby began to cry. The baby is the smallest premature at that time, Ding’an County People’s Hospital ambulance to the post, do a deal, and the mother and son were sent to hospital for treatment, because the child weight is very low, only 700 grams; minimum gestational age, 25+1 weeks of pregnancy, need to transfer to Haikou treatment. Again call 120, an ambulance and Child Health Hospital of Hainan province to the Lee family, the child back to Haikou for treatment. Maternal and child health hospital physician Chen Caihua said, the view from the database, this baby is the smallest province in preterm infants, gestational age and weight are minimal, "more complications, were particularly risky, are worried about the cure, but to life, or from the." Living in a warm box 3 months after the hospital, said Chen Caihua, the baby to the hospital, after diagnosis, suffering from neonatal pneumonia, jaundice, respiratory distress and other diseases of the 9. Today, the baby has been hospitalized for 3 months, are living in a warm box, after careful treatment and care of health care workers, the healthy growth of the baby, the current weight of up to 2.24 kg, can be discharged. Thanks to health care to create a miracle of life this year, 40 year old Lee, in 2007 with his wife to marry, but has been pregnant with children. He said: "his wife is 36 years old, is a senior maternal. After the Spring Festival this year, had wanted to do ivf"相关的主题文章: