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Prepare pregnant boy, the doctor said to eat these fruits – Sohu mother want to say today is to share how to improve the success rate of the problem (a friend or relation to do research, reproduction is the absolute level of Technology professor who, when chatting often share some experience of things; I summarize) experience, share experience: First: there are 2 types of people who do test tube, a kind of economically affordable, another kind is slightly more difficult economic person, no matter what kind of person, the desired results are the same, is successful (many people want to have his son). People often ask, how much money the tube problem, a problem in this very difficult to answer, I feel a personal experience, go flow of at least 3-5 million (2 of 2 or more, and promote the shift, conditioning costs 150 thousand behind I mentioned this point), so you ready to do in person must have the psychological preparation; secondly: the relationship between the success rate of their own physical problems and at least 90% of the 10% possible laboratory problems, I always feel and reading the same, some people go to Tsinghua, some people do not go to college as the reason, this is very clear, we can not change the laboratory conditions, can only choose some a bigger and better reputation of the hospital, and in Chinese, absolutely don’t believe those private hospitals, but in foreign countries, good hospitals in many cases is privately owned, China The situation is like this, it should pay special attention to this; third: improve their physical function, this is the focus of the focus, first of all must pay attention to the drug is only auxiliary (the hospital is on drugs that several very expensive), food and care is the priority among priorities. The food problem, the food material is the key, the doctor friend I mentioned before talk about this problem, eat rice, oil, meat and other things to try to buy the country things, or deep things, to eat freshwater fish or that are on the market to buy the fresh water fish, I often buy back to the village or relatives and friends of the poultry such as (a lot of people do not know who is how to keep the family farm, every week one antibiotic, sperm and egg quality is not reduced to blame) Back to the city, put in the refrigerator, take some soup to drink every day (soup is flying for a long time in the water, then put some stew or soup to drink boiled Kiko, of course) conditions can also buy some bird’s nest, Cordyceps like soup to drink, drink every day can also often came back to pork. Rural hometown to buy fed pork and mutton, beef and so on, in addition to maintaining the day more than 8 hours of rest, half an hour every day jogging or walking stick, for more than 6 months, check the indicators improved significantly. I am a Cantonese, I think she is 10 thousand times better than drinking drug effect. Fourth: I had a few years to stay abroad before never thought that the Chinese have the effect, through the test experience, to a certain extent slowly believe Chinese broad, perhaps is now more fashionable to say that it is indeed a health, is helpful to physical conditioning; finally, want to have a son one, because I have相关的主题文章: