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"Public security" calls involving money laundering case women play money – Sohu guche Huangshen News Chinese daily news (reporter Ding Yu correspondent Yang Jianlin) September 12th, Hekou Town Fengxian villagers firewood, survey received a phone call from a strange number to Shenzhen surrender, several "Shenzhen police" and "prosecutor" turns intimidation, the wood of a poor will be 20 thousand yuan hard-earned money into the account of the other side. Fortunately, the police successfully blocked the telecommunications fraud case. A countrywoman panicked phone involved in the morning of September 12th, He Kou Zhen Yan Wan Cun Fengxian villagers firewood suddenly got a few phone calls made from Shenzhen, the other to her identity, address, bank card related information that is claimed to be closely reasoned and well argued, "the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Baoan Branch police", which really put not after what happened the firewood cold sweats. The other said, firewood to a pile of corruption and money laundering case, "Shenzhen Baoan branch has set up a number of ad hoc investigation team went around and involved the arrest, arrest and online documents, requirements of firewood will own bank account information truthfully account on the phone one by one. A wood is feeling rather baffling, and because they say their accurate information scared panicked. The other requirements to account into the 20 thousand yuan, in order to cleanse their suspects, firewood guche rushed to the county in accordance with the other requirements of the remittance. For blocking fraud dispatched more than 20 police on firewood to town, Fengxian County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade received Zhejiang anti fraud platform and Chen Cang Baoji City Public Security Bureau branch and other units, from online fraudsters intercepted sent elaborate "arrest", and landing verify identity information deceived the masses firewood. Received instructions, Fengxian County Public Security Bureau police station the first time to contact the firewood, but her telephone hotlines. In order to cut firewood to the banks to cheat money transfer, Fengxian County Public Security Bureau deployed more than 20 police to "intercept" in a wood transfer has not found the only way which must be passed on, firewood. Worry about firewood will operate on the bank card through fast payment, online banking and other means, the joint police officer of the bank, to the bank card, firewood all the final "safety lock" to ensure that the money can not let the victims turn out. After several rounds of searching, police blocked a Chai, ready to play money to the bank in the double stone town Xinmin Street in front of the bank finally at this time, she came to realize that this is a hoax. Police remind the masses: in the case of a similar phone, should promptly to the public security organs for help, to avoid being deceived by property damage.相关的主题文章: