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Put an end to human supervision of Chongqing quality supervision "double random checks" bedding enterprises from the Chongqing Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau news today (September 23rd) morning, Chongqing Fiber Inspection Bureau held 2016 bed products "double random Yaohao scene. Chongqing net on the scene, the Chongqing quality supervision through Yaohao to produce sample of enterprises and sampling personnel, so as to eliminate human supervision, supervision and inspection solutions may exist in the "pumping" and "human like sample extraction, selective sampling etc.. It is understood that the so-called "double random" refers to the random sample of randomly selected object extraction, law enforcement officers. In order to solve the inspection and enforcement of willful nuisance, unfair enforcement, lax enforcement and other issues, in July last year, the State Council issued the "notice" on the promotion of random norms of the matter in the post regulatory requirements, establish random inspection object, randomly selected inspection personnel of the "double random" random mechanism. To implement the documentation requirements, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Chongqing city under the guidance of Chongqing city decided this year to Fiber Inspection Bureau, the implementation of double random sampling bedding. Yaohao sampling site, the staff in 30 bedding enterprises, in accordance with the proportion of 50%, Yao Hao identified as a sample of 15 bedding enterprises. Spot checks are randomly determined, sampling personnel are also randomly determined by the wave number, each group of 2 people, consisting of the sample group of 3. According to the results of the wave number, each sample of the corresponding number of 5 companies to implement sampling. City Fiber Inspection Bureau of the relevant person in charge, the sample for floc and bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow two categories were tested. The floc velvet is mainly from the internal and external to test its quality, such as length, color, impurity rate, and there is no old people say black cotton. Bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow and so on, we will check whether the internal quality, such as fabric dyeing, containing formaldehyde, smell and so on, whether to meet the safety requirements of technical specifications, grade certificate, washing instructions logo are complete." The results will be announced sampling. (the following video has nothing to do with this article, only to expand reading) Li Keqiang on the national implementation of the double random open regulatory work teleconference made important instructions相关的主题文章: