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Putonghua is not the most standard place in Beijing! But this small town (map) original title: Putonghua is not the most standard place Beijing! This is a small town in Beijing. And… Across the mountain in Chengde city of Hebei province Luanping County, because of unique historical origins, has become one of the Mandarin speech collection, this is the mountainous county to Chinese cultural contribution to the one and only. From the oldest old, down to the chuitiao children, one mouth and standard, make Luanping become a foreign Chinese lover’s paradise, a "natural Mandarin experience area". So, geographically, Luanping is not the center, why can everyone speak standard Mandarin? Out of Beijing, to the northeast, Miyun, enter the first county is Chengde Hebei County, Luanping. Summer and autumn, Luanhe River, Luanping County mountains lush aquatic plants. Just into Luanping, but see a big stone, a letter to "Mandarin xiang". In Luanping, the announcer like living in the middle, from the oldest old, down to the chuitiao children, everyone in a Mandarin pronunciation. Because there is no r-coloring, province words, tail language habits, Luanping dialect is considered "closer than Mandarin Beijing dialect". Someone joked: "learn Mandarin, the original study is Luanping dialect!" "Mandarin" township of Beijing stone village experts gather voice clear pronunciation, intonation Luan dialect, "no words, tail, habit, easy to learn and promotion. Luanping has become one of the Mandarin speech acquisition to the 77 year old Bai Fengran, hale and hearty, one thing happened 63 years ago, is still fresh. In the spring of 1953, Luanping fourth primary school. At the age of 14, he was in the classroom. The teacher asked him to come to the office. Two strangers were sitting there. Bai Fengran some ignorant to stand in front of the two strangers. Teacher, this is expert in Beijing, Bai Fengran some helpless. Come to take the initiative to say hello to him: "young students, you do not nervous, we just want you to read a few articles to listen to." They took a newspaper, pointing to one of the articles to read Bai Fengran. Bai Fengran read aloud again, some strange words do not know, "the scholar also read half" to read the past. The expert came to Bai Fengran’s Chinese textbook and asked him to read a text he had learned. This time, Bai Fengran did not stop, one read. Listen to primary school students to read the text, two experts have been recorded in the book, and some places also let him pause, to read a word again. After reading, the two experts praised him: "well read, you usually speak at home is this accent it?" Bai Fengran nodded. That’s what Luanping says. Other students in the same grade as Bai Fengran, read a few articles in front of the experts, like 3. Now, when read small classmates advanced in age and 3 other experts, and talked with the villagers, known as Luanping’s "seven old speech". The mountain town, folkway. This episode, the two strangers, in the school, the town upload a burst of, no one talked about. Of course, they can not know, two strangers were the Central People’s government sent the language experts, they are in the development of foreign相关的主题文章: