Quasi dad into the delivery room to do what preparation Sohu – footman

Quasi dad into the delivery room to do what preparation? Sohu maternal and child to help pregnant mothers adapt to the environment before and after childbirth, most pregnant mothers want to be able to be in a comfortable environment. Go to the hospital, expectant father can bring some can bring psychological comfort to pregnant mother things, such as her favorite dolls, clothes, small ornaments, etc., so that she can feel the warmth of home even in the hospital. Your homework: before delivery, and look at the cloud with pregnant mother ward, delivery room environment, familiar with their production environment can make people feel comfortable and relax. Learn to relax yourself as a spiritual pillar of the pregnant mother, if father to nervous, it will affect her mood, make her more upset, fear. Therefore, the father must learn to relax yourself, only yourself to relax, it may make the labor pains mom relax, give her the maximum comfort and support. Homework: learn enough knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, usually with the pregnant mother’s hospital doctor communication, be sure, hearts do not panic. Give Mommy positive suggestion to give pregnant mother father positive psychological suggestion, let her actively face the natural physiological process, so don’t give her to bring bad news, such as listen to others to say so baby pain when half alive this kind of words, so she did not fight cowardly, but often to she brought the good news. Prepare your lessons: tell more about the correct and practical childbirth knowledge. Usually to those who have a smooth experience of childbirth environment conditions, and bring these good news to the pregnant mother. Pregnant mother body pregnant mother relax in contractions, abdominal muscle tension, at this time, other parts of the body to relax, to take the initiative to help ensure the expectant father, her elbows, legs, waist, neck support, and check whether each part of her body completely relaxed, can be pregnant mammy massage to relieve her. The tension and discomfort. Prepare lessons: during pregnancy massage, massage and exchange views, in order to facilitate the understanding of how to massage what is effective, so that the father’s massage skills gradually improved. TIPS 1 with note 2 made dad wearing comfortable shoes and loose clothes 3 Portable hospital documents required by 4 without the valuables, cash amount can be 5 for convenient eating snacks and drinks with 6 ready Pack 7 pregnant mammy with treasure treasure born used camera & DV 8 into the delivery room, to remove the ring and watch, and wear sterile clothes相关的主题文章: