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"Fast kill 2" first exposure poster director: action scenes than before more "fast kill 2" poster according to time network reported on September 22, 2016 Keanu · Reaves returned to action type "fast kill" for fans called welfare. The story was crisp and action is more coherent, so many viewers hooked. For the upcoming February 10, 2017 release of "fast kill 2", the movie fans are looking forward to. The film recently exposed the first poster, and announced that it will debut in New York in October 8th. The film cast will appear Comiket Q& A, and send exclusive clip. The poster in a black suit of Keanu · Reaves looked cold, like the new shirt customized suit. If you want to know the "quick kill 2" action play can also play what flowers, then the film director Chad · the words of the words of the base of the word, perhaps will make you look forward to more movies in the future, the film director of the. "What I can say is that the action scene in the sequel was two times that of the previous one. At the beginning of the film, a great car chase was impressive, and the credit was mainly for Keanu." "Fast kill 2" occurred in the main story, moved to Rome, and John · also Witkey will face more powerful enemy. In addition to Keanu · Reaves, in the film starring actors are new faces (after all, the first person was killed soon wake). At the same time, Reaves has worked with "the matrix" series of black actor Laurence · Fishbein Bourne has also joined the film, "and" the big screen.相关的主题文章: