Reminder Premier Tottenham last 4 games behind the game were tied to the end

Reminder: Premier Tottenham last 4 games behind the game could eventually tied the prediction and analysis of Premier League football: Tottenham vs Leicester injury analysis summary: hunting ball: FUN88 1.61 3.90 4.50 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.62 4 5.20? 201617 season Premiership match of the tenth round will be staged this weekend by Tottenham home court. Against leicester. Tottenham? The first 9 rounds of the season recorded 5 wins and 4 record, in the premier league standings fifth. Tottenham? In recent years with the growth of the young players, the whole team has made remarkable progress, both sides have reached the upper level and the stability of the Premier League, also increased a lot. Tottenham? This week in the league cup away with 1-2 not enemy Liverpool, stop 8, and this is their recent fourth consecutive match winless, the team state declined significantly, after all, after they had scored 5 wins in all competitions. Because of this season? To distract champions league matches, the Tottenham squad rotation in a League Cup, including Wimmer, Norma winks, Austria, Terry Pierre, Jansen, Nkudu and other players full debut, the main Tottenham can have a more adequate physical cope with the league. The League last weekend? Tottenham away with a 0-0 draw with Bournemouth team captain Lori pointed out recently in the game the lack of aggressive, especially in each other in front of 30 meters, running and passing than before has to step back, which is why the team has recently suffered a series of tie. The current round of the league? Tottenham will return to the home court against defending champion Leicester City, from the battle record, both sides of the past 10 games in all competitions, Tottenham recorded a record of 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, a slight advantage, but the last 2 home court 1 flat 1 negative have not won, Tottenham and visible blue fox and against the city not too big for home court advantage. ? consider the Champions League on a mission with Tottenham Leicester next week, both sides are likely to be retained in the current round of the league, especially at the blue fox City, their season strategic focus clearly biased champions, is expected to be played in blue fox city more conservative in Bao Ping, and Tottenham have recently suffered most consecutive, needed a victory to reverse the situation, the worthy pursuit. ? note that Tottenham this season show strong oiwake ability, the last 4 games in the final game behind the case can also tie the score, while the last 5 first round leading League all can keep a result, visible team both in the upwind or downwind case has a certain routine. Tottenham? Lost only 4 balls in the season before the 9 round of the league, in the five major league teams all only La Liga giants Atletico Madrid conceded less than Tottenham, visible Tottenham this season defensive quality is very high, the need to pay attention to Tottenham before the 4 round by the Liverpool home court league only scored 1 goals, the remaining 3 games the visitors were zero closure. It is worth mentioning that Tottenham? In the past two weeks for 4 games, they had already in the Champions League draw away Leverkusen, the League 1-1 and Brown and the main part of Pingxi, also play)相关的主题文章: