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Automobiles Due to the fact that society has gone from the big-car-loving, suburban-on-every-block era of the 90s to the lets see how small we can make this vehicle, fuel efficiency is what matters era of the present day, it is only fair to give those big cars that have made the cut and continue to be sold today the credit they deserve. While its hard to argue the changes to the automobile industry that have been made over the last two decades have been unwarranted, there is still some need for bigger cars and those among us who do have need for these vehicles deserve to be provided for as well. Therefore, let this article stand in defense of the 2011 Lexus LX570 and everyone still driving this vehicle in Rhode Island. Lexus LX designs were first introduced in 2008 but have been largely unchanged since. At the time, the vehicle was welcomed by the market with open arms and received numerous amounts of praise. However, even just three years ago the world was a much different place, including the cost of a gallon of gas. Since the LX has not downsized as the price of gas has increased, critiques of the SUV have only increased. However, we need to remember why we fell in love with this lovable giant in the first place. Arguably, the ability to comfortably get us around is the best quality of the Lexus. Massachusetts-bound road trips became a whole lot more enjoyable for families everywhere thanks to the plush interior of the Lexus LX570. In fact, many of us may have forgotten that the Lexus LX570 was one of the first vehicles to introduce this idea of automobile luxury in the sense that a large automobile could essentially house a family for a period of time just as other lodgings could (think tent, RV, etc.). Todays Lexus LX570 offers families features like rear DVD player and LCD screen complete with wireless headphones and a remote, four-zone climate control, Bluetooth and other connectivity devices, power second and third-row seating and a cool box to keep treats cold, just to name a few. And while your family is comfortably enjoying their road trip inside of the Lexus, Massachusetts is looming closer and closer in no time at all thanks to the incredible engine and agility that accompanies a Lexus LX570. The vehicle features a 5.7-liter V8 engine that offers drivers incredible acceleration thanks to the available 383 horsepower and top speed of 137 miles per hour. Travelling from zero to sixty miles per hour takes just 7.4 seconds meaning entering even the busiest of highways is done with ease in the Lexus LX570. The only real downfall of the vehicle is its less than impressive fuel economy. But then again, we are tooting this vehicles horn for the fact that it places value on more than just fuel economy. If this vehicle sounds like it may be just what the doctored order for your family, visit your local Rhode Island Lexus LX dealership today. And if they neighbors raise their eyebrows at the size of your new family vehicle, offer to loan your vehicle for their next family road trip they will come home believers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: