Riley said that O’neal + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + he made the heat a real team of players in

Riley said O’neal > James + Bosh: he let the heat for the heat to bring a championship Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 3rd as a true team O’neal, according to The Score reports, pat Riley as coach and team president have legendary achievements. As team president he signed a heady and James Bosh, set up was the mighty big three for miami. This operation allows the heat for four consecutive years to qualify for the finals and it has won a total of two championships. But in the eyes of Riley, his greatest achievement is not to allow James to talent to the south coast, but to Shaquille O’neal in 2004 trading. "I think I would choose to exchange the O’neal," Riley said in an interview with the Sun Sentinel, "O’neal’s this operation than I have ever done any operation is more important, including the formation of the big three." Although O’neal did not join in the summer of 2010, the huge changes in the free market. In 2006 the heat won the championship, but they soon began to decline, O’neal was traded to the suns. However, Riley believes that O’neal joined the heat won the attention and respect. "It was a groundbreaking moment," Riley said. "He came to show us respect and made us a real team." Although O’neal has to heat when not at, but the field is still able to get 19.6 points, 9.1 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots, as Wade won the Championship side a reliable partner.相关的主题文章: