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Rockets for Warcraft technical foul appeal Howard: playing basketball is not fighting [] Dudley pulled a foul foul against Howard of Warcraft demonstration also eat T Tencent sports news February 1st according to the Houston local media news, Dwight Howard received 4 technical fouls in the last two games, the Rockets have a complaint to the union, hoping to withdraw these decisions. At present, Howard ranks first in the league with 12 technical fouls. Howard dissatisfaction was opponent fell at the rocket’s game against the Washington Wizards, Howard fouled him as Dudley explained in detail to the referee, and received the first technical foul of the game. "I don’t think he is deliberately trying to hurt me," Howard said, "if the other players were caught near the shoulder or neck, you know what they call, because it is required, but I in order to explain the situation to the referee and received a technical foul, I did not feel I raise a hue and cry no, for he looming, I just say ‘Hey, he grabbed my shoulder, you can look at?" Then, I was blown a technical foul." Rockets coach group obviously to referee blowing special sentenced discontent, acting coach Beek Gustave because of complaining about the referee got a technical foul. He thinks the referee doesn’t protect Howard very well in the face of the dirty tricks of the wizards. "They did not protect Dwight (Howard)," Beek said. "They condone Falstaff, his opponent, grab his neck and arm, pulling his shoulder. Obviously, he’s going to get hurt. Why did he have a knee injury and back injury, because his opponent was riding on his back and grabbing his shoulder?. These referees must respond to this behavior. It’s playing dirty, not emphasizing physical contact. We are not afraid to play ball, have physical contact, he is not afraid, but grasp the shoulder and arm, this is dirty basketball. This is not the first time, but today is just an example." His opponent was a continuous plot, Howard also told reporters: "we were playing basketball, playing UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is the Ultimate Fighting Championship). I just want to play well, I don’t want to hurt anybody, and I don’t want anybody else to hurt me." (Rolls Royce) scanning Tencent enjoy sports APP download NBA video broadcast

火箭为魔兽技犯上诉 霍华德:打篮球不是格斗 【犯规】杜德利拉拽魔兽恶意犯规 霍华德反示范也吃T 腾讯体育2月1日讯 据休斯敦当地媒体消息,德怀特-霍华德在过去两场比赛里领到了4次技术犯规,火箭已经向联盟提出申诉,希望能够撤销这些判罚。目前,霍华德以12次技术犯规排名全联盟榜首。霍华德不满遭对手暗算在火箭对奇才的比赛中,霍华德由于向裁判解释杜德利对他犯规的细节,而领到那场比赛的第一次技术犯规。“我不认为他是故意要伤害我,”霍华德说,“如果是别的球员被抓住肩膀或者脖子附近区域,你知道他们会怎么判罚,因为这都是明文规定的,但是我为了向裁判解释当时的情况而领到技术犯规,我觉得自己并没有大喊大叫,也没对他步步逼近,我只是说‘嗨,他抓住了我的肩膀,你能注意一下吗?’接着,我就被吹了技术犯规。”火箭教练组显然对裁判的吹判特别不满,代理主帅比克斯塔夫也因为抱怨裁判领到了一次技术犯规。他认为面对奇才的肮脏行为,裁判没有很好地保护霍华德。“他们没有保护德怀特(霍华德),”比克斯塔夫说,“他们纵容对手打他,抓他的脖子手臂,拉他的肩膀。显而易见,他会因此而受伤的。他为什么会有膝伤和背伤,就是因为对手骑在他背上抓他的肩膀。这些裁判必须对这种行为做出回应。这是打球脏,不是强调身体接触。我们不怕打球有身体接触,他也不怕,但是抓肩膀抓手臂,这是肮脏的篮球。这不是第一次出现了,今天只是一个例子。”谈到自己连续遭到对手暗算,霍华德也对记者说:“我们在场上打的是篮球,不是玩UFC(Ultimate Fighting Championship,即终极格斗冠军赛)。我只想好好打球,不想去伤害任何人,也不想别人来故意伤害我。”(罗罗)扫描下载腾讯体育APP 尽享NBA视频直播相关的主题文章: