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Travel-and-Leisure When you choose a Europe airline to explore a different part of the world, you may not have much money left over, especially if you’re in Western Europe. But when you buy Europe airline tickets to Eastern Europe and you want to see a lot without spending much more money, don’t buy more plane tickets or Eurail passes. Hitchhike! Hitchhiking is much more acceptable in Europe than in the U.S. Think about On the Road. It’s a little more like that. The key is to find a good place to hitchhike. A public highway on ramp is usually the best place to get a ride. Picnic areas and gas stations are also good spots. Don’t go to highways, bus stops or intersections. Walk until you reach the furthest edges of town, and if you don’t immediately get a ride, don’t continue through desert, swamps or boonies. If you’re going a long way, ask to get dropped off at the edge of town, as it can be frustrating to get into the center of town due to traffic. Government rest areas are not usually good places to hitchhike; but .mercial rest areas are okay. It’s a good idea to buy something so it doesn’t seem as though you’re trespassing. Land borders are also good places, once you cross the border on foot and get a ride on the other side, since many drivers are wary about transporting a foreigner across borders. Be careful though, sometimes buffer zones are illegal to cross by foot, such as that that between Greece and Turkey, so you may need to find a ride. And don’t try to get a ride at night. If you can’t get a ride, you may need to stay overnight somewhere, so it helps to have a sleeping bag and tent or poncho. Make sure to bring a towel, and be prepared to walk for a while. The next morning, wear bright colors to attract cars; white also implies cleanliness. Stand near a highway sign. Maps are important, and can help you find a good place to hitchhike. Rental car .panies are a good place to get free maps. Cardboard signs work but try to keep your destination around a hundred fifty miles. And speaking the language, even if it’s a weak attempt, increases your chances of getting a ride. Flat hands, swirling fingers, and downward fingers typically mean no go. Whenever you get a sign, or make eyes at someone, smile and wave; that will keep you in a good mood, and will improve people’s feelings about hitchhiking. Backseatsurfing.. is a good way to plan for a trip before heading out. As long as you stay positive, you’ll meet friendly people. If you’re ever in doubt don’t be afraid to turn down a ride. And sometimes it’s better to go a little bit in the right direction that nowhere at all. Be brave, have fun and you’ll be sure to friends along the way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: