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Second eyes of Suzhou — first wave travel in the Jinji Lake Tourism Sohu: because with 6 small tail home, so the trip is very simple, is to relax, so the arrangement is easy: D1: morning: Hangzhou – Suzhou high-speed rail lunch: Suzhou characteristics of Austrian kitchen area (Su Zhouxin city Garden Hotel Suzhou flavor restaurant in the afternoon): VOM Hotel, the hotel around Lee embankment near the hotel dining dinner stroll: (Jiasiduo foodservice supermarket) D2: Lunch: wandering around the hotel Jinji Lake (Huangmen old Hot pot range) afternoon: Suzhou – Hangzhou high speed rail travel more ************************************************************************************************************************** parent-child please pay attention to my micro-blog: @ mad magazine Micro-blog link: as a native of Suzhou people, in fact, before I have never been to Suzhou, but to work since many times, the company organized tourism, travel, family travel with their car, on her red sunset tour, together with the 5678 times, those classic attractions like Zhouzhuang, for having heard it many times, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lingering Garden, Lion Grove, Hanshan Temple, there are some new scenic spots in Suzhou Park, Ferris wheel park, or in the field of less famous dome mountain have been. This is like a person quietly to stay in Suzhou for two days on the lookout, but home a small tail that I want to go out to play, can not wait to ask me, where are you going? What hotel to live in? Show me! When I introduced him to the hotel, he decided to play with me. Fortunately, Hangzhou to Suzhou is also very convenient, can take a high-speed rail to the. The small tail a man quietly watching the train the scenery outside the window, but also happy and pleased with oneself. This is the way, the small tail grabbed the camera pat pat, I have no chance to touch the camera. But in less than two hours, the station. Near noon, before coming to Suzhou also need food, eat a lot of Suzhou style dishes were. Small tail usually love to eat pasta, online search for a decision to eat the famous Austrian kitchen in Suzhou, the location of the election in Suzhou New City Garden Hotel in Suzhou flavor restaurant, the restaurant’s name on the one that people feel very authentic. From the train station, we can directly sit on the 69 bus ride to the hotel, but did not expect the bus to a $6, more expensive than the bus in Hangzhou. This is a direct result of the trip we rely on drops, excellent step and walk, but Suzhou drops, excellent step activity than most of the Hangzhou, in addition to two times the distance to spend money in 20 yuan, the remaining few near distance costs are in the single digits, too convenient. Austrian kitchen area and we usually eat noodles, soup soup and red points, and.相关的主题文章: