Seize the emergency lane, not just quality issues rainism

Seize the emergency lane, not just quality issues, according to reports, the morning of October 4th, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed Xuzhou section on the occurrence of a number of cars illegally occupied emergency Lane behavior, the police will deal with the accident stuck on the high speed. Emergency lane can not be occupied is common sense. Common sense has been ignored, because some people’s moral standards and legal consciousness are not pass. This time the Xuzhou section of the Beijing Shanghai high-speed emergency Lane occupied, drivers have said, "some say pregnant wife, blocking the road."; some said, "there are eighty year old grandmother, a two-year-old child car on the road, blocking the very anxious"…… And they will not be unclear, if pregnant women on the car, the elderly, children, once there is any need for emergency relief, they may become a hindrance to rescue the killer". "Borrow" emergency Lane drivers thought, a loan does not affect the smooth flow of lane, but if a lot of people think so, this road is not enough. This problem, we do not do not understand, but for their own point, fast, regardless of public order. Chinese people’s awareness of the rules, has always been a headache for people, to the emergency Lane route, but is one manifestation of ignoring the rules. In addition to the quality of some drivers, illegal low cost is also a reason. In the mainland of China, blocking emergency lanes and other acts are a minor offense, up to administrative penalties. In accordance with the road traffic safety law, illegal occupation of emergency lanes, punishable by a fine of 200 yuan, deduction of 6 points. And in Hong Kong and Macao, Singapore and other places, you may face a prison disaster. It is said that the United States no one will take up the emergency lane, a police patrol density is relatively high, usually every 20 minutes will be able to see a patrol car; two is the "via" the consequences will pay a heavy price. In 70s, the United States has happened with the occupation of the emergency lane to delay the rescue event, the deceased will be blocked for all lanes to court and won, Lane owner was sentenced to pay the amount of the insurance company claims more than 100 times. Emergency lanes and ambulances, fire engines can not impede the right to pass, must become a high-pressure red line; and to ensure that no one dared to touch, the relevant laws need to be improved. At the same time, the civil liability should also support the parties held against the lane. To enhance the level of social civilization, cultivate awareness of the rule of law, the lack of legal hardware support.相关的主题文章: