September 30th Hong Kong listed companies bulletin summary nrf905

In September 30th the Hong Kong listed companies Sina Finance bulletin summary App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. [Gao Peng mining (02212) relating to the formation of joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions Joon Fengtai financial 51% equity matters were failed] Gao Peng mining (02212) announced, reference is made to the company on May 20, 2016 announcement, the relevant content entered into a non binding memorandum of understanding, to set up a mining machinery leasing business engaged in investment management, and provide relevant the company’s management and investment advisory services of the joint venture company; and the company in May 25, 2016 announcement, the relevant content entered into a non binding memorandum of understanding (MOU, second) proposed acquisition of Shenzhen Qianhai Joon Fengtai Nationwide Financial Services Inc (mainly in the Chinese listed companies to provide asset management, merger and acquisition services, but also engaged in equity investment provide financial and project construction and consulting services, fund and financial product innovation) Issued share capital of 51%. [Jian Yu Group (08196), the establishment of the company and promote the development of hazardous waste disposal business] Jian Yu Group (08196) announcement that Jian Tao (direct wholly-owned Affiliated Companies company) entered into an agreement with the excellent agreement between the parties accordingly, will set up a joint venture company, Hongkong company and the item company, in order to promote China development and risk waste disposal business. After the establishment of the joint venture company, the company will hold 92% and 8% stake in the joint venture. [the lyricist Ren Kantone Holdings Limited (01059) executive director and chairman of the board of directors] see the group (01059) announcement, Professor Paul Kan for hope in the age of retirement has submitted his resignation to the board of directors, resigned as the chairman of the board of directors and executive director, effective September 30, 2016. Beikong [clean energy group (01250) affiliated to the acquisition of Lujiang Dongsheng solar development equity] Beikong clean energy group (01250) announced on September 30, 2016, the company owner, indirect wholly-owned Affiliated Companies of Tianjin Fu Huan enterprise Dream Creator Limited Inc and Lujiang Guangfu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd entered into a share transfer agreement, the owner agreed to sell and the Affiliated Companies agreed to all of the stake in Lujiang Dongsheng solar energy development Co. ltd.. [the lyricist Ren CHAMPION TECH (00092) chairman of the board of directors and executive director] CHAMPION TECH (00092), Professor Paul Kan hopes in the age of retirement has been due to the board of directors to resign, resigned as chairman of the board of directors and the executive director of the office, with effect from September 30, 2016. [Zhang Hongci (08 Ruikang pharmaceutical theory相关的主题文章: