Shanghai human spaceflight Temple No. two, provide a number of important technical innovation

Shanghai human spaceflight Temple No. two, provide a number of important technical innovation correspondent Yue Fusheng Hu Li Lichun morning news reporters Gao Yan Tiangong two is based on Tiangong-1 backup target aircraft, according to the task need to be modified and developed into. The China, aerospace science and technology group Shanghai aerospace technology research institute undertook the Tiangong two power system, docking subsystem, communication subsystem, the overall circuit (cable network), the resource cabin structure and assembly work. In order to meet the needs of the task, the Shanghai Academy of spaceflight technology in early 2012 with partners, on the Tiangong two space laboratory resources module how to carry out the payload test was carried out with a set of design, design and implementation of equipment layout by re installed load layout, given more meaning and different qualities. The application of additional propellant technology: the important task of technical innovation application of additional propellant technology is an important innovation of the task, the cargo ship will be added through the space laboratory additional propellant system to achieve this function, for future astronauts on the space station in the long-term resident protection. To this end, the Shanghai Academy of space technology to space rendezvous and docking mechanism, especially increasing the liquid floating installation interface connector and the feeding pipeline, and adds additional propellant pipeline resources in class, in order to achieve the pressurized gas and propellant in the feeding flow in the system. Developed by Shanghai Institute of space technology of air-to-air communication equipment, in the Temple No. two, "Shenzhou eleven" erected between the Invisible Bridge of communication, realize information exchange and sharing between the two command aircraft, to ensure the success of the rendezvous and docking. USB transponder between the ground and the aircraft pulled an invisible line, real-time monitoring of the aircraft’s distance, azimuth and speed information. Telemetry equipment is the "family doctor" of the aircraft, which can monitor the physiological state of the aircraft in real time, and can transmit the digital image voice and other data to the earth through the high-speed communication, data transmission and antenna equipment. The remote control device receives instructions or control data from the earth, the action control of a variety of aircraft equipment, scientific research personnel to make the ground hundreds of kilometers away in the control of Tiangong two and "Shenzhou eleven" every act and every move. "Unsung heroes" resources module: provide all the kinetic energy and the electric energy "Tiangong two space laboratory is improved based on the Tiangong-1 backup target aircraft developed, using experimental class and class two class configuration resources." China manned cargo spacecraft system studies division vice president Lei said, "we are more familiar with the experimental chamber, appeared on the TV screen in the astronaut resides part is, relatively speaking, the resource cabin is the unsung hero of unknown"." Tiangong two class name is the founder of resources and energy, by the Shanghai Academy of spaceflight technology grasp the overall development of 805, 3 meters in height, waist circumference of nearly 3 meters, is a general coarse big guy. It is bigger than the experimental chamber is short, but for the Tiangong two provides all the energy and electric energy, the astronaut life sustaining oxygen is stored here. In order to adapt to the change of tasks"相关的主题文章: