Shanxi Cultural Relics Series theft case solved dragon temple murals in its

Shanxi Cultural Relics Series theft case solved dragon temple murals wanbiguizhao day newspaper November 26th news (reporter Ren Junbing) today, Jinzhong city official micro-blog Jinzhong release published news: 25, Jinzhong city police after careful investigation, successfully cracked a series of cultural relics theft, arrested Moumou and other 3 suspects, seized Luoyang shovel, torch the searchlight, hair dryer and other tools of crime seized, fresco, brick towers, ancient paintings, bronzes, porcelain and a large number of stolen cultural relics. This marks the widely concerned Pingyao County crane Village Dragon Temple, San Siro days Dongfeng Village shines temple mural theft case announced cracked. Since October, the province of Jiexiu, Pingyao and other places have occurred cultural relics theft cases. Recently, Pingyao, Qixian, Shouyang and other places also has ancient temple mural theft. After the case, the province, Jinzhong city leaders attach great importance to the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau sent a group of experts to solve the case, the Jinzhong Municipal Public Security Bureau set up a task force to investigate the case. Through the exploration scene, visiting the surrounding masses, retrieval of video surveillance and investigation of suspicious personnel, police investigators determined the detection direction, start to tackle the case. At the same time, through to the surrounding city and county public security organs issued the "Circular", to the public through the news media published "notices" cultural relics "combating criminal activities of the notice", to mobilize the masses, collect clues, deter crime. The evening of November 25th, after a period of time to deal with the police investigators, the task force two pronged approach to carry out arrests. Among them, a routing Jinzhong Criminal Investigation Detachment led Pingyao County police rushed to the Yicheng County, Linfen City, under the strong cooperation arrested the suspect Moumou, Moumou in Yicheng County Public Security Bureau, seized 18 pieces, 6 pieces of porcelain fresco, brick stone 7, seized jade, tin flagon and other pieces, seized the tools of crime the plastic film 2, Volume 4, torch Luoyang shovel 2 sets etc.. Another route to Jinzhong City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment responsible, Pingyao County Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation, the rate of related police, rushed to the Tunliu County of Changzhi City, in cooperation with Tunliu County Public Security Bureau arrested the suspect moumou. After a preliminary count, Tunliu Road, seized a total of 21 paintings, ancient mural picture of 12 volumes, 2 pillars, 4 bronze wares; seized crime with 1 searchlights, hairdryer 1. It is reported that, at present, the case is under further investigation. Our province, Jinzhong, Pingyao county cultural relics department has also sent a special person to Linfen, Yicheng, Changzhi, with the public security organs to complete the detention of the heritage, transportation and other work. As of press time, the news from the Jinzhong Municipal Public Security Bureau in Yicheng County of Linfen City, seized the stolen relics have been escorted back to Jinzhong City Cultural Relics Bureau; Changzhi city Tunliu held cultural relics, has also been escorting. Source: Shanxi Evening News相关的主题文章: