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Food-and-Drink Reap all the benefits of being a hardcore seafood fanatic. Having a good reputation, including seafood in your diet at least once a week reduced your chances of contracting any major disease by half. Sounds great, right? You already feel healthy and why not, to remain healthy with your favorite cuisine is not something that happens quite often. And now that it certainly does, eat away to glory and of course good health. To add much more to your happiness and contentment, here is the list of health benefits of consuming your favorite seafood. Your heart stays healthy: It is a proven fact that people who consume fish have low levels of heart diseases. Since seafood is known to be low in saturated fats and high in Omega 3 fatty acids, it keeps your heart protected and lowers the cholesterol levels in your heart. In fact, if you let your taste buds explore a little more and have that one extra portion of fish, chances are you are putting your risk of heart attack to half. Keep those hearts pumping healthy! Clearer skin: Omega 3 fatty acids protect your skin from any damage that may incur from the harmful UV effects. Symptoms of any skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are fought beneficially if your tummy sees a lot of fish. Collagen is a substance that helps your skin to not sag and guess what; your favorite seafood has it. Perceive the world with better eyesight: Any fish that is rich in oils is your source to healthy and brighter eyes. AMD (age-related macular degeneration) is a condition that causes your vision to blur. But with seafood intake, your vision can be much better and clearer. Keep your eyes healthy while feasting on seafood. Clear your vessels: Seafood ensures you have no blood clots or any kind of inflammation. It helps to clear your blood vessels and also improves blood circulation. The only source of nutrients: Iodine, potassium, selenium, Vitamin A and D are some of the many essential nutrients that you get when you eat seafood. These nutrients are very beneficial; as imperative as helping one to stay away from cancer. Stay happy: Many studies have suggested that Omega 3 helps fight depression. So g.e on seafood as often as possible and stay away from post-natal depression, seasonal affective disorder (ASD) or any other form of depression. Why be depressed when you can eat fish and stay happy and cheerful. One cuisine and so many advantages; such is the magic of seafood. They taste yummy, look good and help you to stay good. We are sure you do not want any more reasons to hit out to your nearest Best seafood restaurant in Pune , Bangalore, Mumbai and Dubai. Happy, yummy and healthy feasting; seafood feasting! About the Author: By: Larry L. 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