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Shenzhen police sent the driver beam 1 minutes is capricious enforcement? Sohu news police let the driver experience harm indiscriminate beam for Shenzhen traffic police the night of November 1st, Shenzhen city traffic police detachment to carry out a thorough investigation of the high beam light "and a live action. In law enforcement, Shenzhen police on a number of high beam lamps in the bright city road drivers were punished. Illegal to experience their own cars and other vehicles light irradiation, feel the harm, after police field test driver what is light, how to correctly use and explain, and punishment. Shenzhen traffic police this experiential law enforcement has received a lot of praise, that is a very vivid form of law enforcement. But anecdotal drivers indiscriminate beam will be forced to see the headlights 1 minutes "also caused a lot of controversy, some people think the traffic police enforcement activities should be based on clear legal authority as the premise and the foundation, the police can not arbitrarily set the type of punishment. Yesterday, Shenzhen police responded that the driver beam is voluntary, there is no mandatory time for 1 minutes. Formula regulation indiscriminate beam Shenzhen night penalty of 932 people according to media reports, the evening of November 1st, Shenzhen traffic police to carry out experiential law enforcement, thorough investigation of illegal use of lighting is not in accordance with the provisions, penalties for illegal use the high beam light driver, let experience indiscriminate beam damage, and the education of using light. Shenzhen on the experience of law enforcement conducted a live broadcast of the video 98 minutes long. With the open high beam can be fined and points is slightly different, the Shenzhen police law enforcement has a different link, the driver got out of the car to sit on a green chairs, to experience their own trucks and other light irradiation. Video display, Shenzhen police were punished to open the high beam in the bright city road driver, the driver took off on a "green chair", the headlights experience their own cars or other vehicles, harm feeling light, then the police will spread to the driver is appropriate to use the light of knowledge, finally sentenced to 300 yuan fine on the driver to record 1 points. A truck, bus and private cars found in the vehicle, the driver sits in a high beam in the beam experience special chair on the chair, the traffic police with the driver watched the headlights of the car. In the process of looking, the police will ask the driver about the light, while watching the driver education. For example, in the video, a bus full of passengers in the Guangdong B bus card due to illegal use the high beam light was stopped by traffic police enforcement. Subsequently, law enforcement police moved a stool to let the driver sit in front of the vehicle, to experience harm tens of seconds light. "You see, is not feeling particularly dazzling?" The driver said "". Then the traffic police will be more detailed to explain the use of light and road sections, and opened 300 yuan deducted a ticket of 1 points. According to the Shenzhen traffic police official, in the evening of 1 experiential law enforcement, police education punishment illegal indiscriminate use of high beam 932. The driver looked far light penalty formula is suspected of violating the law BYD reporter found that the Shenzhen police law enforcement experience gained a lot of praise on the Internet, as the North adorable相关的主题文章: