Small college to the subway station to steal battery just ten seconds you can pull

Small college to the subway station to steal battery just ten seconds you can pull a monitor screen on November 2nd afternoon, Ningbo Yinzhou five Township lijiayang near the subway station, five township police station arrested a man stealing the battery, at that time, the man suspected of only a short period of ten seconds to pull out a battery. A man surnamed Zhang, Guizhou people, 31 years old this year, over the past 5 years, he was convicted of theft of four palace". Police said that more than five towns from the subway station battery car battery stolen cases, view monitoring, there are 4 cases related to zhang. Zhang said, he has been unable to find a job, relying on his mother to send 500 yuan a month to live, sleep in the park in the summer, the winter sleep cafes. The money is not enough for the mother to send him flowers, he wanted to focus on farmers to steal money. Back in the afternoon of October 28th, Zhang riding a battery car to the subway station to find the target of the crime, stealing a battery, sold to the flow of dilapidated personnel, sold 130 yuan. Spend more than ten seconds to earn so much money, the next period of time, he almost every day to go around the subway station, looking for opportunities. Police asked Zhang, why always go to the subway station next to steal the battery? His answer is that the urban and rural areas of the subway station is relatively remote location, but also no guard, easier to start. Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention by the police. Police said, as more and more subway station opened, many people choose to ride a cable car to the subway station transfer, we have people to take care of or have a place to monitor, vehicle parking should be selected at the same time, preferably with a strong safety lock point, increase the difficulty of theft. The source of Ningbo pie相关的主题文章: