Spy On Your Kids Yes Or No-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Parenting Its one thing to bust into your kids diary and read it, but if your kids want the privilege of engaging in the cyber world, they need to understand that parents are justified in spying on them. Or are they? Depends on whom you ask and how far they go at spying on their kids. Frankly Its not spying at all and both kids and parents should get over it. Its called parenting. My kids are still young, but as they get older there will be hardly a thing they do online that I wont be aware of. The inter. isnt a right, its a privilege to someone under age. No 13 or even 17 year old of mine will be on it without being supervised. Same goes for passwords. Ill have access to all of them. This may be far-reaching to some, akin to the ancient form of spying: listening in on the extension phone to a phone conversation between your kid and his buddy. But really, its simply being a parent. Spying can also be a life saver. Kids are being bullied today like never before. And as a result, they are hurting themselves. And then there are all the illegal things they may be doing. These same acts can get them killed. In this case, knowledge is definitely power to keep your kids safe. Parent believe and they are right that spying is an invasion of privacy and a violation of trust. If you get caught, your relationship could be sabotaged, this is true. So spy openly and honestly. Tell them. Show them. Remind them. If kids know you are watching, they are often less likely to do things they arent supposed to. The element of surprise, however, may be a factor. It makes a world of a difference if, from an early age, the parent establishes with their children that there will be spying, vs. never discussing this concept with the kids, and then one day you get busted. Dont use the word spy, either. Instead say monitor and let your kids know How do you balance protecting your kids and maintaining trust? Team up with your kids. Make family agreements and contracts that show transparency. This will go far is keeping a close eye on their safety and security. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: