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State Futures: high demand for iron ore more than a short term based on the client to view the latest market, an overview of the current iron ore market, ore market uncertainty more. China manufacturing growth improved, investment in fixed assets and real estate investment growth slowed down, the steel market real demand growth is limited, the latter part of the domestic economic growth downward pressure, plus the national capacity to influence policy measures, steel production is difficult to have a big growth; at the same time, imports of iron ore inventories remained at a high level, the domestic crude steel production remained high, high demand for iron ore, iron ore prices will show regional fluctuation trend. The specific circumstances of the market are as follows: 1, Chinese manufacturing growth rebounded, investment in fixed assets and real estate investment growth fell in August official manufacturing PMI was 50.4%, up 0.5 percentage points from the previous month, and hit a 22 month high, steel manufacturing industry increased; 1-7 months, the national fixed asset investment growth rate of nominal growth of 8.1% year on year, a decline of 0.9 percentage points over 1-6 months. Among them, the real estate development investment growth in nominal growth of 5.3%, down 1-6 percentage points over the month of. Data sources: data source: China Guoyuan futures futures 2 yuan, crude steel production was declining state, still maintain high range according to bureau of statistics data show that in July the average daily crude steel production 2 million 155 thousand tons, an increase of 31 thousand tons, an increase of 1.4%, a decline of 161 thousand tons, a decline of 6.9%. Data source: Guoyuan futures 3, ore supply growth, port stocks hovering according to wind data show that 1-7 months, domestic ore production 706 million 948 thousand tons, down 6.6%; 582 million 270 thousand tons of iron ore imports, an increase of 7.8%. In July, the production of 115 million 743 thousand tons, down 8.2%, a decline of 4.3%, imports amounted to 88 million 400 thousand tons, an increase of 7.1%, growth of 8.2%. From the data, the overall supply of mineral growth. As of September 2nd, the country’s 45 ports inventory of 1.01 tons, compared with the end of last year, an increase of 9.7%, down by the end of 1.1%, compared with the end of 8, the port inventory was high volatility. Data source: analysis of map data source I1701 technology contract Guoyuan futures two, iron ore trading technology: Master Guoyuan futures such as I1701 weeks shown, technically there are regulatory requirements, the current market trend in May 30th -8 month 9 days of rising prices adjustment. As expected, the first support is at 388, and the second support is at the level of 360. So you can step into the adjustment positions. Three, the conclusion and the operation plan from the above analysis, although the current imports of iron ore inventories remained at a high level, but the domestic iron ore demand continued high prices show a late shock interval, and needs to adjust technology. Therefore, in the short term to the main. Operational plan: we believe that the current trend is the May 30th -8 month 9 day rally callback, and the return of 380 is more than 50%.相关的主题文章: