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Stranger: Men keen Street spoof behind Pro holds a lone female (Figure) – Sohu news figure figure two users claimed that recently a nickname for "madhouse Dean" man released a number of video in a video on the website, is the content of spoof passers-by. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters watched the video, Internet cafe chairs, mall on the stranger from lingerie, and pro hold passerby behavior from behind appear in the video, and users of their mixed behavior. "Asylum Dean said, shooting by passers-by consent will upload, just in order to make users happy. Some lawyers believe that the behavior should be appropriate, otherwise they will bear legal responsibility. The two month spoof video 60 yesterday, reporters search to the related video madhouse president "in a video site, found that the users began uploading from two months ago, as of press time reporter has 60 video, fans reached 1751 people. In addition, the man also specially for each video for "Internet Kuso" and "spoof supermarket" and "beauty" and other topics with pictures. Reporters watched the video all the madhouse, Dean found the shooting content and the stranger spoof. The video of the shooting site on the road, saw the man behind a woman ran past, quickly picked up the woman, through the road, and then put it down (Figure 1). Was picked up the woman was obviously frightened, has been struggling to shout: "who, who are you?!" Another video hits is the highest in a cafe, a man sat down to play the game are the customer side, first to the two, and then the man suddenly customers will chair away and turned to run. In addition, the man in the shop and try lingerie, kissing passersby, overpass were proposed (Figure two), the subway dead spoof content is different. We hope to bring joy to the reporter saw "asylum Dean" indicated in each video are uploaded by passers-by agree. While many users also quite appreciate the man’s spoof video, affectionately called the man as Dean, and leave comments video laugh belly pain". However, there are voices raised against the user, spoof behavior risk". It was also said that the man’s spoof involves harassing women, this behavior will cause adverse social impact, hoping to stop". The reporter and the asylum Dean made contact, he said, after watching foreign spoof video that is very interesting, so want to imitate it, just to bring you happiness. He was confident that he would be able to get more than and 100 fans after uploading the first two videos. After filming, I will apologize to passers-by and explain the situation. Some of my videos show passers-by that after a joke, but also to greet the camera. Of course, all uploaded videos are allowed by the other party, if not, I will delete". Lawyers say spoof moderation premise is safe for shooting video spoof behavior, Beijing Road law office lawyer Zhu Jinyuan said, in a certain extent can spoof decompression and entertainment, but must have a degree, and should be carried out under the premise of ensuring safety. living相关的主题文章: