Strong typhoon hippocampus 3 billion 511 million yuan in Guangdong nearly 1 million 700 thousand peo-minmi

Strong typhoon "hippocampus" "scraped" 3 billion 511 million yuan in Guangdong nearly 1 million 700 thousand people were affected and Beijing in new Guangzhou on 23 October, (Cai Minjie) the twenty-second typhoon this year, "hippocampus" (typhoon) on the front face of hit Guangdong. Guangdong Provincial Department of civil affairs, 23, said the typhoon by the hippocampus, as of 22, when the impact of the province’s population of 1 million 699 thousand and 100 people, the direct economic losses of 3 billion 511 million yuan (RMB, the same below). Typhoon "hippocampus" at 12:40 on the 21 in Shanwei City, the town of Haifeng landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 14 (42 m). Multi City Guangdong locally heavy rain storm and scraping 8 to 11 winds, the eastern coastal cities and counties gusts up to 12 to 14, Shanwei Haifeng fair town recorded a maximum gust of 44.1 meters (14 seconds). 21 at 21:50, typhoon hippocampus moved out of Guangdong into the territory of Jiangxi, the current hippocampus impact on the basic end of the wind and rain in Guangdong. No casualties were reported. Guangdong province has transferred 668 thousand people, the collapse of the housing between the houses, severely damaged houses, crops affected area of 178 thousand hectares in the area of 327 hectares of land in the city, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the city has been damaged. Guangdong provincial Civil Affairs Department said, has issued an emergency notice requirements in the disaster relief and reconstruction work, establish tolls full back door, down the loss of housing households, transitional living assistance account, carry out life as soon as possible to carry out disaster relief, recovery and reconstruction, protect the basic livelihood of the affected people with difficulties. (end)相关的主题文章: