Struggling To Achieve Financial Freedom Discovering Your Wants-tencent upd

Have you experienced disappointment to the extent that you’re ready to give up? Have you stopped even daring to hope for the things you’ve always wanted: your fantasies, your passions and your dreams? Does your life seem like one disillusionment after another? How did this happen? The answer is actually pretty simple. When you spend your mental energy thinking about the things which you don’t want in your life; the things which you want to avoid, will be drawn to you. There is one advantage to thinking about what you don’t want though; and that is you will find out the things which you do want in your life. Like a sculptor making a figure emerge from a block of marble, the things you want will emerge after you chip away at the things which you do not want. Everything you desire is already yours and it is within your reach if you acknowledge that you deserve to have these things. After you know the things that you want, then ask you yourself the simple, yet infinitely .plex question "why?" Q: What is it that you want? A: To pay my bills. Q: Why? A: So I can start living without stress. Q: Why? A: So I can start feeling good about my life. From there, you can start to work on the other aspects of what you want- for instance, what you would do once you no longer had to worry about paying your bills? You may want to travel, invest your extra money or save it for your children’s education. Whatever this answer is put it into writing; tell yourself:I will have financial freedom and I will be able to do anything I want, anytime that I want. So how do you feel now that you have this in writing? I bet you already feel more secure, freer and definitely excited to start living your dreams. You can repeat this same process by asking yourself why to the answers you .e up with until you’ve narrowed it down to the essential things you want from life and you start to be excited about realizing what you want and why. This will help you to let go of your regret and disappointment and make it possible to achieve the things you’ve always wanted. The next step is to assess your feelings. You need to focus on those good feelings because it’s the vibration of those good feelings that will be sent out into the universe, working like a magnet attracting success and good things right to your door. Positive emotions flow forth from you freely when you’re thinking positively but negative ones keep this flow of energy shut off like a closed valve, always pushing back against you. The problem you’ve had up to now is that you haven’t taken your focus away from the things you don’t want and it’s kept your positive energy from getting through and attracting the good things in life to you. It involves making just a little change and you’ll start to feel light as a feather and free as a bird as the positive energy begins to flow. Some people find the word ‘want’ to be a challenge. If you’re one of them, do what I do and make a statement of intent; as in "I intend to achieve financial freedom". This is the process to start making positive changes consciously and deliberately: 1) Identify what you don’t want in your life 2) Identify the things that you do want in your life 3) Ask yourself why you want these things 4) Feel the positive energy start to stir up in you 5) Turn your focus on your desires, wants and fantasies which will start to be.e your reality. So will you make this all-important change? It’s your choice to make – and it’s not a great leap. Just one very small step sets it all in motion and ends the yearning, longing and regret. Soon, financial freedom will be yours to enjoy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: