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Reference-and-Education There are many different types of ac.modation available for students in London, and depending on your needs, there is bound to be something that is ideal for you. But the problem is, how do you proceed to choose the ideal ac.modation? After all, there are many different options, ranging from two-room apartments in the halls of residence to a full fledged private apartment with kitchen facilities. But before discussing about the types of apartments, first, understand your own needs. Some students prefer a quiet environment and prefer to stay alone. Perhaps this has something to do with personality, and some people just don’t like to get over stimulated with tons of activities and they prefer peace and quiet. If so, a single room arrangement would be perfect. For others, some .pany would be good. Staying with a nice room mate means having someone to chat with. Room mates can also provide each other with .pany and support during stressful examination times. Then there are people who are so full of energy that they simply must fill their time with activities – sports, late night suppers, etc. These are the people who get excited over the littlest thing. They are fun to have around, but can be noisy at times. So you have to ask yourself, which group do you belong to? Are you the quiet sort who prefers a single room? Would you mind just having one room mate? Or do you prefer staying with a group? Also, if you are staying with family members, then perhaps your choice of ac.modation would be limited to three room and above apartments with cooking facilities. So you have you needs laid down right in front of you. What next? It’s now time to for a little research and find out what is available in London for student ac.modation. The University of London has eight halls of residence. These are for full time undergraduates. So if you are a part time student, you do not quality for the halls. The capacity can only house about thirty percent of the total student population. That means a large number of students will not get an apartment at the halls. If you are a first year student, you should definitely try to apply for an apartment on campus. That’s because as a first year student, you need all the support you can get. And staying on campus will help you to familiarize yourself with the surroundings very quickly. But if you cannot get an apartment in the halls of residence, then your only other alternative is to consider renting from a private landlord. Fortunately, there are no lack of private housing for rent in London. In fact, private housing is responsible for catering to the needs of forty percent of the students studying in London. Rents range from ninety to a hundred pounds a week, depending on room size. Unite, Cass and Claredale and Jarvis UPP are all private halls of residence which you can consider. So take your time to do your homework, but plan and source for ac.modation early to avoid disappointment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: