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Success My colleague and I were talking earlier today and we are intrigued by the number of people and .panies peddling solutions for a success. From people offering solutions through making millions by buying properties or others pushing you to buy a business and make your money that way. Is success really something anyone can achieve or is it really simply the luck of the draw? The aspect of success that has intrigued me for a long time is, is what is success? Who defines what a success is? The establishment of marketing and advertising guru’s propagates the belief that to be a success you must have all the nice things in life like the LCD Television screen, BMW or Mercedes in the Garage, a Boat in the Front Yard and so forth but in reality can everyone achieve this. This is the question I and many of my team have been asking. If you believe all of the advertising material on achieving success you would believe "Yes". With books having been written in the 30’s during the time of the depression like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill you would think that we should all be living the good life and on easy street. So why is it that some people have it and some people do not? The one core reason why some people succeed and others do not can be simply summed upto one thing – .MITMENT! I know I know, I here some people saying right now, "but I’ve been working hard for twenty years but I have not succeeded. Blah Blah Blah" Know the feeling, but really there are two things to consider, what have you achieved so far and what do you want to achieve. If you do not have a core goal of what you want to achieve then you can never achieve it so of course success will pass you by. Be aware of one thing though, sometimes on your path to success, you have to fail miserably before you can really succeed to achieve obscene riches. This is the part that none of the billionaires or millionaires tells you in all of their self-help books. The path to wealth and success is never as smooth as some people will have you believe, often the people who sell their stories and their autobiographies will put the positive spin on how easy it was and how they rose to success. Absolute rubbish, the number of business people who I personally know who have a failed business after failed business before they got one that truly brought them to obscene wealth is truly staggering. In fact, I would put the number in the thousands. Let give you one example, and I will say that I have never met this man in my life, I have simply followed him through the news, read his books and watched his television shows and that is Donald Trump. This man is what I consider the cover boy of the embodiment of the Think and Grow Rich Secrets to obscene wealth because what you may not know is that not to many years ago this man almost lost the entire Trump Empire. Now the single reason he has .e through that is his .mitment to success. He wanted his empire of building developments that badly that he learned, he .mitted to finding a way to move forward and to do what he wanted to do and if you truly want to succeed then this is the .mitment you must make. Success is a way of life, it is the way you think, the way you breathe, the way you eat and the way you conduct your life. Success strategies whether it be using the Think and Grow Rich 13 Secrets to wealth or the Master Key by Charles Haanel or any other program that is out there. To be a success you must make a .mitment to yourself to keep going on regardless of what the world will throw at you. Let me assure you, just like you will find out, I too have been through times, when self-doubt .es into play, when you think you are going to lose everything, when you think you are going to broke. The bottom line is this, to succeed you must leave no possible way of retreat, your psyche must be to win or perish! .mit yourself to winning, it does not mean you are going to crush everyone in your path, it does not mean you are going to rip people off either or do anything that is unethical, it is about achieving what you need to for YOU and what is in the interest of your .munity. Have you noticed one key element to all billionaires, they have a passion for their .munity and making things better in their .munity. For example, Donald Trump is .mitted New York, in fact on many an occasion I have heard him call New York his town. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft has invested billions in his own .munity in the US but also in other places like Africa. Look the bottom line is this, and actually I was told this about 15 years ago, the key to success is to read and listen to everything, both good and bad, get every book you can find, every video and every internet site to learn about how you can move forward cause knowledge is power. You will very quickly learn what is good advice and what just does not work and the more you do this, the sooner you will achieve success. Then do not sit around put it into action, .mit to actually doing something. To succeed you do have to fail, that is simply a fact of life. Of all the material I have read and I have a library of over 10,000 books and I buy on average about 600 to 700 books a year which I read every single one of them, the one thing that has stuck with me is the thirteen secrets to success outlined in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He talks about a man from Colorado who owned one of the richest gold mines in that state. When the gold dried up and he could not find any more Gold he simply gave up and sold out. The bloke who bought it from him, did not give up, in fact he found one of the biggest reefs of gold in Colorado. The man who originally sold the mine was just 3 foot from that reef. The one thing I keep reminding myself, I have programmed this into my mind so that every single time that I think about quitting and saying that it is all too hard, is that SUCCESS COULD BE JUST THREE FEET AWAY. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: