Taiwan a passenger network voice platform in Xiamen live show of cross-strait cultural-borderland

Taiwan a passenger network voice platform in Xiamen live show of cross-strait cultural Taiwan a passenger network voice platform founded in Xiamen, cross-strait cultural show morning news reporter Qiu Yaping Intern Fan Yuyang "I now live in is located in the Haicang, the picture is the centipede Pavilion, the pavilion centipede Festival" Pavilion shed "into the centipede body, decorated with a variety of silk flowers birds and animals……" Taiwan youth hit off, reading culture practitioner Chen Jieti on the Internet platform to voice users show Taiwan national intangible cultural heritage — centipede pavilion. August 2015, Chen Jieti in the Xiamen Strait youth entrepreneurship base founded in Xiamen too hall culture media company. Too Imperial Hall is the first registered in the mainland, through the Internet to cross the Taiwan Strait cultural exchange platform. After more than a year of development, it has become a new platform for cross-strait cultural exchanges. Haicang rooted in Taiwan before the entrepreneurial dream circle ", we mainly recruit buskers, show Taiwan, scenic spots, local customs and practices to users through the network. There are 95% of the fans in the Imperial Palace, from mainland China, with Taiwan flavor of the program so that the mainland Netizens feel very fresh, but can resonate." Chen Jieti told reporters. In August 2015, Chen Jieti decided to bring the network voice platform founder Taifei hall moved to haicang. "We have to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to visit, and later found Haicang regardless of climate, diet, culture and Taiwan are similar, but also for Taiwanese entrepreneurs Haicang offered generous preferential policies, the reasons why we choose to Haicang development." Chen Jieti said. Over the past year, too Imperial Hall rapid development, has been developed from the initial small team has a large platform for nearly five hundred performers. Came to China after Chen Jieti found Haicang this piece of entrepreneurial hot spot has so many young entrepreneurs, their hard struggle spirit deeply shocked her. Compared to the mainland, the pace of life in Taiwan is a lot slower, but also hope that through this network platform to promote more positive and hard work of young people in Taiwan." Chen Jieti said. "We want to live to promote cross-strait exchanges through the form of live, promote cross-strait excellent traditional culture, reading culture, promote cross-strait cultural exchanges." All along, too Princess hall insisted on promoting cross-strait cultural exchanges for the live content. In the "toffee hall" live in Taiwan, you will see the anchor into the Riyuetan Pool, the Keelung street, watching the golden puppet show and the mainland netizens; or into the night, the people of Taiwan will show the authentic life for mainland users; also see the mainland and Taiwan a taste of anchor anchor shoots cold, together into the pavilion, the red brick centipede houses and other intangible cultural heritage…… Cross strait cultural integration here. Through the live, we let the mainland users to know Taiwan, but also to allow more direct understanding of the mainland Taiwan users. Next, we are going to organize, anchor, fans to Taiwan, Taiwan to experience local customs and practices, to Taiwan, to bring users, let them feel the mainland culture." Chen Jieti said that the future of the church will also continue to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges, promote cross-strait excellent Chinese culture. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: