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In the next year to recruit short-term salary according to the army reserve army 1.45 times – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: Taiwan’s defense ministry announced that 21, is known as the "weekend warrior" Taiwan "into the army reserve soldiers volunteer short-term plan, 2017 trial plan, included in the budget of NT $18 million. Chugu recruit 400 Captain (including the following) the reserve forces. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, 21, reported that the Legislative Yuan foreign affairs and Defense Committee, the day invited the Ministry of defense to do business report, the report disclosed the above. According to the Taiwan "Department of defense", these people every month the camp for two days, every afternoon 5 when can work, do not leave camp, but every year there will be 7 days with major exercises into the camp, the military will provide treatment than the original veterans of high wages, wages in the army daily salary 1.45 times count. But in looking for people, not the so-called "top fighters" (similar to mountain rescue or survival player). Taiwan’s Defense Ministry of national defense mobilization generation director Cai Zhongcheng said the recruits with high power, high technology and high expertise personnel, this is the test plan, hope to actively apply reservists.相关的主题文章: