Thank you for being the new package fee to the owner home detention Network – thieves succeeded afte kamikaze love

Also ask for fee jingfangxingju – Beijing new network in Chongqing in September 13, the door to the owner thief succeeded after the theft (Li Minggang Liu Xianglin) man succeeded in stealing the bag of cash after all is still not satisfied, posing as picking up the package door is to ask for commissions to the owner to be found. The 13 reporters from Chongqing Rongchang police that the man has been arrested for theft jingfangxingju. September 10th morning, Rongchang District Public Security Bureau police station received a district police said the masses, seize a thief. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to control the suspect man dumou. After being arrested, Dumou by mistake, said his visit is to give the owner Ms. Wang also package, the police arrested the wrong person. When the police asked Ms. Wang Du Mou is how to get the handbag, Dumou said he found Ms. Wang’s bag on the side of the road, found the bag has no cash, only identity cards, bank cards and some documents, he found Ms. Wang shop according to the documents on the address, want to return the laptop bag. But a lie by Wang Du spot expose. Ms. Wang told the police, Du is stealing her handbag thief. Originally, the night of September 2nd, Ms. Wang in the shop was busy picking up the goods, Dumou excuse into the store to see Ms. Wang dogs, Ms. Wang took the opportunity to steal in a shop in the bag, the bag is equipped with 900 yuan in cash and a value of more than 5000 yuan ring. Found stolen, Ms. Wang immediately retrieved the shop monitoring, know this, it is our store man stole her handbag. Police view monitoring, found that men’s clothing stolen bag, looks and came back to the bag of a coincidence. In the face of evidence, Du truthfully confessed the theft of criminal facts. Du said the incident on the day he went into the store and stole Ms. Wang handbag, the proceeds of more than 900 yuan in cash are used to play games, eat and drink. After spending the money, Du and the idea of playing the document inside the package, then pretend to pick up the package of people who come home package, want to have some benefits, but Wang was exposed identity. Currently, on suspicion of theft Du has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: