The baby was born on the first day of the warmth from the Jinhua policewoman ratatouille

Just born on the first day of the baby was abandoned by the warmth of a female police officer from Jinhua, a gentle embrace of a baby, next to another new police are carefully brewing milk for the baby. Baby enough to eat enough to meet the female police asleep in the arms…… The warmth of the scene took place in Jinhua maternal and Child Health Hospital of Lanxi. The morning of November 4th, the Lanxi Municipal Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm Ling Dong said, picked up an abandoned baby in a village home, the police immediately went to the rescue, the baby will be sent to the maternal and child health hospital and care. The police comrades, picked up an abandoned baby in front of my house." 9 in the morning, a couple of Hu alarm, alarm, Ling Dong police He Run, Fan Caixia and Li Xinghua police immediately went to the homes of villagers. Mr. Hu saw in the home, the police is a handsome face, abandoned baby girl, lying in bed, sleeping soundly, but opened the package of small quilt, infant umbilical cord is not firm, bloody. Umbilical cord is not tied, if not timely care, excessive bleeding will endanger life." Female police ho run anxious and distressed to say, then, she hugged the baby, and rushed to the maternal and child health hospital. Mr. Hu said today a, 4 in the morning, he heard a knock on the door, get up and open the door, saw the door has a baby, the baby wrapped in a pink cloth, stood beside a red plastic bag, the bag is equipped with a jar of milk and a pack of diapers. Cotton also plug has a red note, written on the baby’s birth date: November 4, 2016, at the beginning of October five. "When I first saw her, the worried ah, want to take home a." He run said choked, because she is also a mother, a child more than five months, is lactation. "I want to feed myself, but now too much milk Taichong, afraid she choked, then I feed, she may not be willing to drink milk." "The baby naked body is blood, wet." New police Fan Caixia said the baby girl did not wear clothes, she went to his cousin’s house took two sets of baby clothes. Cold weather, the baby a little cold, to the hospital, has been timely care and treatment. "The baby is very healthy, six pounds 62, the doctor said that the baby was lucky." He ran emotionally said, after the baby cleaning care on the clothes, but unfortunately do not know what a few points." After that, He Runfa moved relatives and friends to raise the baby for six months of milk powder and some clothing. Settle the baby, and on the back to the police station, back to the police station was 12:30. Ling police station to the hospital for questioning, did not find the baby girl’s relevant information, speculated that the baby girl or at home production. Ling Ling police station has made contact with the orphanage, several families have expressed the intention to adopt a baby girl.相关的主题文章: