The battle of wits after 37 strong Tianta cut PVP event struck tsumori chisato

The battle of wits after 37 "strong" Tianta cut PVP event struck 37 "strong" beta has been cut for a period of time, in good faith, the principle of the game to do today, once again open the contents of the highly sought after game game player — PVP chase tianta. In the game, after the play Tianta set a variety of battle rules, can use their own combat experience and other game player a summary level, if you seek is beyond the imagination of the thrill of battle, so absolutely 37 "strong cut" PVP events can meet your requirements, in addition, you can gain a huge game player reward in battle! "Strong" cut official website: 37 "cut" after fierce Tianta activity belongs to daily activities, near the server inter service PK play, in the activities to kill other game player can get points, and enter the next level, at the end of the event, game player at the higher layers, the more lucrative rewards, arrived last beat after day mozun layer, have the opportunity to obtain legendary reward. Activity hall 37 "strong" cut the chase Tianta altogether ten, one to five layers of security layer, after death in the layer of his resurrection, power is not sure the game player can put here small practice skill, and six to ten layers of security layer, although after the death of resurrection, but to a greater probability. Players each clearance level, after the end of the event can get the corresponding layer clearance reward. After a 37 Tianta layer into the "strong" cut chase and kill Tianta tenth layer, BOSS will drop [box] award props chasing demons on the ground, then enter the activity of killing mode, game player can be arbitrary PK, and game player resurrection, must return to the nine layer. In the killing mode, nine game player temporarily unable to enter the ten, until the ten remaining 1 game player, the game player acquisition end [box] chasing demons, BOSS again, the nine layer can enter the ten game player again, again for ten BOSS, followed by the cycle until the end of time. After the five layer in the 37 strong "Tianta" Tianta copy cut chase, from the first layer to the ninth layer, where the game player can obtain corresponding clearance, the number of awards at the end of the event, and after Tianta tenth, need to face a maximum of BOSS days after mozun, as long as it will be defeated, resulting in the final blow the game player and game player of the highest damage BOSS on BOSS, you can get the corresponding number of days after the award, BOSS award mozun is very rich, so we must try Oh game player! After the ten layer 37 Tianta "strong cut" is a real-time combat role-playing game. Start a game mainly to Hangxiazhangyi as the main line, the main new inter service play, in order to become a prerequisite for the ultimate goal of the martial arts master, breakthrough game player own shackles, become geochilmaru! The game uses independently developed game engine, exquisite high-definition picture of the game makes the game battle more spacious; the combination of 2D and 3D elements, and there are a variety of dazzling shapes are optional. The Imperial City, who dominate! The game set up a number of different gameplay and PVP mechanisms to meet a variety of tastes! More "hard cut" game details please login: more fun web games in 37 Games: Sina statement: new.相关的主题文章: