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The car scrapped a bad habit, you caught it? Auto – Sohu is our everyday things, so every habits will affect the use as the days and months multiplying the state of the car. A good habit will make the car more and more better and prolong the service life. A bad habit, will make the car becomes worse and worse, affect its service life. One, not on time, according to the mileage maintenance we use the vehicle, must be on time, according to mileage maintenance. For those vehicles, usually a year or less, can not open the tens of thousands of kilometers of readers, Xiaobian recommended: every year before the autumn and spring, all do a little maintenance, two years to make a major maintenance. Because our country is too broad, small series can not say the specific month. Because, in two seasons, extreme heat and cold damage to the engine is particularly large, so small advice would be good after the two season to replace. Of course, this is usually for the car with fewer readers. If you usually drive more, it is still in accordance with the provisions of the maintenance manual mileage to do maintenance, as long as it is to join the right oil, it is not too much to run a little impact. Not long ago, a news report in the us that the car 1 million 600 thousand kilometers, is still in good condition, the secret is to maintain on time. Car dealers decided to buy a new car with him. Two, in situ hot now actually can also hear someone say, the car after the launch, in situ hot, hot engine after, can train. Again, this is a very wrong point of view. The vehicle engine, does need a hot car, but not in situ hot. The so-called hot car, refers to the need to improve the temperature of lubricating oil as soon as possible. The engine temperature increases, the oil viscosity decreases, the resistance becomes smaller, the engine can lubricate better, so as to extend the engine life. If that is in situ hot words, raising the temperature of the engine idle speed is not very fast, this situation will only aggravate the wear and tear of the engine. Xiao Bian’s proposal is: manually block the car, the car hanging on the three block, a low speed road (engine speed of about 1800 rpm) and so on after the water temperature, and then start normal driving. Automatic car, in the water temperature up, the engine speed is maintained at around 1800 rpm, after all, cold car stage, the engine speed is too high, will also have too much damage to the car. In three, the engine is turned off, the use of car electric appliances are all because the power is supplied by batteries, rechargeable battery and motor, so there is no need to turn off the engine before deliberately closed appliances. But the problem is that the service life of the battery is the design time, excessive use will certainly shorten the time, reduce the service life, so in the closed electrical equipment used in a car in the parking lot, especially large power equipment is very necessary! In particular, those with the installation of audio vehicles and vehicles can watch the video. Four, do not return tire parking parking in daily life when the steering wheel is not to return the situation is very common, the majority of them are some careless, careless car owners. In!相关的主题文章: