The country still has more than 400 jobs zero registration which posts the most fire (video) bleep

There are more than 400 national test position zero registration which position registration of the fire in the 2017 national civil service examination registration is nearing completion, as at 22, the data show that the registration system audit through the number of more than 880 thousand people, the hottest jobs from the NLD Central Committee, the competition is close to 6500:1. Currently, there are still more than 400 jobs zero registration, these positions are mostly from remote areas of grassroots jobs. Where is the post competitive? The central position of competition is far higher than the base according to the statistics of China map education, as of 22 at 16:30, the national examination registration system has been audited by 886376, higher than the same period last year. In this country there are more than and 120 institutions directly under the central authority and the management of the civil service law and institutions program recruited more than 2.7 people, more than last year decreased slightly, however, from the situation, this year’s exam total enrollment or more than last year. At present, the average ratio of the competitive national test for 32:1 job recruiting. However, from a large range of observation, if the country is divided into the central examination of the provincial, provincial (deputy provincial) level, city (prefecture) level, county (District) and the following four levels, the central level competition is much higher than the grassroots level. According to statistics, in public education at present, the central level position of the average competition ratio close to 60:1, the average competition central Party organs "position than 90:1, province (provincial level) position competition ratio of 39:1 city (to) level positions in the competitive ratio is 34:1, and the county (District) and following the competition for the position of 29:1 was lowest. Expert analysis, the reason for this phenomenon is not only because the county level is relatively low, and partly because many of the units below the county level position requires a minimum service life of 5 years (including probation), and often go to the countryside home, greater intensity, a more difficult. Which position registration the most fire? NLD central post competition — nearly 6500:1 registration is nearing completion, the largest national examination competition post also basic can be locked, the post for the office of the NLD central "reception section head and below". The position is recruiting 1 people, the position described as "engaged in agency official reception service, department meetings and activities of the preparatory work". As at 16:30 on the 22, the number of Posts has been 6475 people. At present, the degree of competition over thousands of candidates for a "job three, in addition to the hottest jobs, there is a post from China CAAC East China Regional Administration (1088:1), and a post from the CPPCC organs (1006:1). From nearly three years of national test data observation, 2015 national examination, enrollment hottest position than competition for the 2625:12016 national examination recruitment, hot job competition reached 2847:1, the national examination registration has two days, but the degree of competition in the hottest gang has hit the highest in three years. Which system is the most registration? To analysis from the system over 500 thousand people apply for the tax system, the tax system is a national examination, recruiting large, this year is no exception. This year, the national tax system of recruiting jobs have 9455, 17476 people recruiting plan,.相关的主题文章: