The fifteenth World Games in Poland bridge start Lianzhong ourbridge

The fifteenth World Games in Poland bridge start thousands OurBridge data for sina sports news broadcast "the fifteenth world bridge games in Poland in September 3, 2016 Fuluociwa opening. One of the platform as the world’s only two have broadcast the world’s top tournament qualification, key events through the bridge OurBridge client Lianzhong will broadcast live throughout the tournament, and invited the China bridge life Masters week Feiwei fornarrating Co. In the fourth match day, September 7th, Lianzhong OurBridge will continue to bring wonderful live, the specific plan is as follows (for Beijing time): tenth 16:30   B     open group; England Japan vs  eleventh 20:00       ‘s A group; Holland China vs  twelfth 22:50        open C group; Chinese vs  new West in fact, as early as 2007, Lianzhong successful broadcast in Shanghai held the thirty-eighth world championship teams, creating a domestic broadcast the world top bridge tournament precedent. Since then, began to broadcast the world Lianzhong bridged three big game to become Chinese bridge enthusiasts understand the window and bridge the world bridge. OurBridge is based on years of experience on the basis of Lianzhong exclusive development of bridge event broadcast software, launched in 2014, IOS, An Zhuoduan and PC end end client version, beautiful interface, convenient operation, let China bridge enthusiasts at home, can be personally on the scene feeling wonderful on the altar all bridge master of war. In the "Fifteenth world bridge games, key events thousands OurBridge live coverage of the tournament. It is understood that in the four group match, open a total of 53 teams, divided into A, B, C a total of 3 teams, including Chinese team in group C, each group of 5 points before and the remaining team team qualify for the top 16 highest. Women’s team of 35 teams divided into A, B group of two, the Chinese team in the A group, the top 8 in the top two teams qualify for the top 16. Mixed group and the elderly group has 23 teams and 24 teams, the implementation of a single round robin, ranking the top 16 teams qualify knockout stage. Among them, the preliminaries lasted for 6 days, 9 days of the end of the preliminary stage, 10 at the beginning of 16 in the 8 tournament. Knockout stage of the 6 sections of each of the 96 cards of the contest, and then start the double match, all games will be the end of 17. Welcome to the bridge enthusiasts to download OurBridge, watch the "Fifteenth world bridge games live events, for China team cheer! OurBridge download page TIPS: world bridge games was founded in 1960, named the world bridge Olympic team, held every 4 years, the Olympic Games held every year, each member of the world can be bridged.相关的主题文章: