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Influence of Renaissance clothing to modern fashion design (below) – Sohu in Fourteenth Century to an important historical period of sixteenth Century in Western Europe and central Europe countries in the history of the development of culture and art in the. It is the second peak in the history of European culture after ancient Greece and Rome. With more and more convenient transportation, a new design of clothing styles once eye-catching, will pop up quickly this powerful cutting association first formulated the corresponding cutting standard, while the unity of popular. The natural beauty of the body begins to show up through clothing, women’s clothing to highlight the wide shoulder and waist round hips. Men’s clothing highlights gorgeous luxury, strong symmetry. The clothing of this period has a great influence on modern fashion design. Many modern clothing, jewelry design are the designers learn from that period of inspiration, more is that many of the original period of male clothing features have been used to dress up the design, there was a different happy style style. Please continue to pay attention to the coincidence network WeChat public platform account, every day we will bring interesting and interesting fashion knowledge and collocation suggestions. Marking "coincidence original" article, all content is coincidence network original, forwarding please explain the source, otherwise we will be held accountable.   

文艺复兴时期服装对现代服装设计的影响(下)-搜狐   14世纪到16世纪西欧与中欧国家在文化艺术发展史中的一个重要历史时期。它是继古希腊、罗马后的欧洲文化史上的第二个高峰。借助越来越快捷的交通运输,一个最新设计的服装款式一旦引人注目,就会迅速流行起来为此强大的裁剪同业会首先制定了相应的裁剪标准,一边统一流行。这时人体的自然美开始通过服装凸现起来,女子服装突出宽肩细腰圆臀。      男子服装突显艳丽奢华,强健匀称。这一时期的服装对现代服装设计有巨大的影响。现代很多服装、饰品设计都是设计师们从那个时期汲取的灵感,更有很多原本是那个时期男性服装特色被运用到女装的设计当中上去,出现了令人欣喜的样式各异的款式。      请大家持续关注巧合网微信公共平台账号,我们每天都会为大家带来有趣有料的时尚知识和搭配建议。   标注“巧合原创”的文章,所有内容均为巧合网原创,转发请说明出处,否则我们会追究其责任。   相关的主题文章: