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The mainland star price paid foreign price paid generally provoke criticism? – since the Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on November 2nd news Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported, has been part of the star, hundreds of tens of millions, or even billions. "The high price paid" phenomenon, the parties criticized by. Insiders reflect some mainland star paycheck away, the maximum can reach a total cost of 50% to 80% works, seriously squeezed the production resources. Like the TV series start in August this year as "Yi biography", actress took 150 million paycheck. In the film industry promotion law during the second trial, many members should be made in the draft of the fee limit reflected. Experts and practitioners after a thorough discussion, think it is difficult to determine how high the fee is reasonable, to curb the price paid responsibility should be given to industry associations and leading enterprises. Therefore, in October 31st the draft submitted for consideration in the final three reviewers did not make specific provisions. The foreign "price paid" phenomenon? "People’s Daily" the reporter Wan Yu in South Korea, in Korea, the star of the price paid is also a problem. The South Korean TV drama production company association has issued a proposal, proposed a star actors fee ceiling system. Wan Yu said, the star price paid is also a problem in South korea. From the beginning of 2004, many Korean entertainment companies become the star power to raise price for fee soared. But because the star paycheck is more and more high, resulting in film and television production environment worsening, 2007 South Korean TV drama production company Association issued a proposal that production companies and TV to implement star paycheck ceiling system, famous actors episode paycheck is not more than 15 million won, about 89 thousand yuan, while the star general in the fee of 30 million won or more. This is mainly because of television production companies spontaneous initiative took place in 2008 of the international financial crisis, the system began to get better compliance, many stars also actively support, but the initiative and have the force of law, coupled with the China Korean market growing, Korean actor’s paycheck and rose up. In Korea, the high paycheck actor is not patent, some famous writers of the fee is quite high. Insiders worry that high paycheck is breeding appearance first, money worship of the value orientation of the audience, especially the young people will become a victim. According to South Korean media reports, "the sun descended", Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo two people per set fee are 60 million won, or about 360 thousand yuan, accounting for 30% of the total cost of production per set. Now, South Korea’s highest paid actresses Gianna Jun and Lee Young-Ae, they set for each series of 100 million won, or about 600 thousand yuan. But not paid Korean actor’s patent, South Korea has a lot of famous screenwriter paycheck is also very high, in the range is proposed to implement the fee ceiling system, it also ensures that the basic quality of drama. However, the South Korean industry also pointed out that the audience is actually the ultimate victims paid, high fee program production and lead to a lower standard of advertising time increased, the actor will be paid.相关的主题文章: