The mixed state-owned reform pilot will be landing three period leading stocks — energy — r

The mixed state-owned reform pilot will be landing   three period leading stocks — energy — ready to original title: SOE reform pilot mixed about landing three period leading shares ready to reporter Zhang Xiaofeng Wu Shan – editor’s note: it is reported that SASAC will convene the meeting recently informed the central enterprises reform and the deployment of the next step work. Ping An Securities believes that the early establishment of the "ten reforms pilot time approaching, the first batch of pilot mixed reform has progressed to consider the approval stage, the official pilot document is likely to launch in December, it is worth looking forward to change the mix of oil and natural gas fields. In this context, coal oil, steel, nonferrous metals and other plates yesterday collective strength, becoming the main driving force to promote the stock up all the way. In this paper, special changes in the hot industry to conduct a thorough combing, mining related industry leading stocks investment opportunities for the majority of investors layout reference. Coal oil 3 prefix shares attract over 500 million yuan of "Securities Daily" market research center according flush statistics show that yesterday, coal oil sector gainers, the overall increase of more than 2%, reaching 2.46%. Stocks, yesterday, the prospective oil shares a strong limit, Lu’an, Jizhong energy, intercontinental oil and gas also rose more than 5%, respectively, 6.72%, 6.05%, 5.02%, in addition, Pingdingshan shares (4.51%), Xishan (4.48%), Shaanxi (4.20%), black (Sinopec oil service 4.17%), the source of oil (4.10%), Yongtai energy (4.09%) also rose 4%. It is worth mentioning that the plate and prefix stock performance is also more prominent, Chinese Shenhua (4%), (2.73%), Chinese COSL oil (2.54%), coal (1.82%), Sinopec (1.39%) yesterday also outperformed the broader market. Capital flows, yesterday, 38 coal oil stocks showed a net inflow of large single state, among them, 26 stocks of large single net inflows over 10 million yuan, the prospective oil shares (203 million 154 thousand and 500 yuan), China oil (186 million 603 thousand and 700 yuan), Sinopec (177 million 226 thousand and 900 yuan), can Lu’an (148 million 478 thousand and 700 yuan), China (Shenhua 147 million 81 thousand and 700 yuan), Xishan Coal and electricity (140 million 137 thousand and 200 yuan), Sinopec oil service ($137 million 692 thousand and 700) and other 7 stocks large single capital inflows exceeding 100 million yuan, and China petroleum, Sinopec, Chinese Shenhua and other 3 prefix stocks accumulated large net inflow of funds amounted to 511 million yuan. For more than a year, the reform of state-owned enterprises "from the system at top speed, 1 + N" the basic form, to the ten reform pilot is fully open, and then to the state-owned enterprises in the supply side structural reforms in the concentrated force, the reform effect gradually, continue to enhance the vitality of the state-owned enterprises competitiveness. Part of the merger of the central enterprises spawned a new industry giants. Insiders said that the establishment of state-owned capital investment company, the convenience of capital integration over asset consolidation, is expected to further change the situation of excessive competition in the coal industry, the new coal industry相关的主题文章: