The new Ford transit listing price of 11.93-14.79 million yuan winfast

The new Ford transit listing price of 11.93-14.79 million new Ford Jiangling transit market in September 21st, the price of 11.93-14.79 million yuan, the new car uses a 2 engines a total of 8 models, the design of new transit brings not only in appearance and interior, and will provide the top two sizes low top, short axis axis, use can be divided Van (freight) and Kombi (Van), power system is 2.0T gasoline and 2.0T diesel engines two. Editor comments: the new transit return, all compared to the old with the new leap, with large load space, strong power combination, five-star safety standards, green and low energy consumption, from the design perspective to adopt more young design style, better space and comfort, let the new transit back into this level the benchmark model, from the point of view of new product transit’s main rival is SAIC chase V80. The new Ford leadership scene photo transit the listing of the new product launch of Ford Jiangling, new models based on Ford transit launched in 2013, according to the Chinese consumer car habits and to further research, not the previous models of the modified models. The new Ford transit as a multi-functional commercial vehicle of professional and efficient, mainly engaged in logistics transportation etc.. The new transit designs using the Ford family design style, but due to the positioning of light passenger cars, the appearance of reduced chrome trim, and fitted with a more practical black front and rear bumpers, outside mirror housing and steel rim. According to different purposes, to further increase the size of the body, provides two kinds of body size selection of short axis top and low top axis; according to use can be divided into Van (freight) and Kombi (van). The new Ford transit size short axis low top top VanKombiVanKombi long axis (mm) width (mm) (with 2272 mirrors) (with mirror 2272) (with 2272 mirrors) (with mirror 2272) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) body size, body size of the new transit minimum short low Kombi (dual-purpose top axis) models of high length and width were 49742032 2061mm, wheelbase 2933mm; axis of body size of the largest top Van (freight) models of high length and width were 53412032 2412mm, wheelbase 3300mm. The interior, the new transit console from the design of a lot of car interior design, more stylish, more advanced materials and technology, provide more abundant configuration options. The function of the console is clear and concise. The new car is also a large space and practicality of the main, the internal seat layout can provide 3, 5 and the 6 edition. Power, the new transit will be equipped with gasoline and two diesel 2.0T engine, the maximum output power of 202 horsepower 2.0T engine (149kW), the maximum output power of 2.0T diesel engine of 121 HP (89kW), transmission line, five speed manual gearbox. Compared to the previous generation models, new transit driven by the rear wheel drive adjustment for front wheel drive. Copyright.相关的主题文章: