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The edge of different style strong, this is the most beautiful place in Yunnan – tourism Sohu to set foot on the road to the road to the Lancang Menglian River, down the river, his desire does not stop growing. With the West Meng road all the way to look at the beautiful scenery and the perfect appearance of the Karst landscape. Meandering river, cascade in terrace, nestled in the banana in the farmhouse, a complete pastoral picture. We walked all the way along the South barrier. Nanlei river is known as the mother river of Menglian Road, such as silk from awa floating around, silver belt like a series of many beautiful Dai village, the scene at King, awn street, in Menglian county. This is the border of Burma and the town has been the meaning of summer thick, it was greeted with hot sunshine of my arrival, so that I have been an illusion, which in April in the end belong to the summer or the spring bloom? In April, the Phoenix flower is in full bloom, a landscape of the "red fire" of a red tree in bud in the eye-catching green mountain. Before the rainy season, it is a good time to see the Phoenix flower. A foot on this land, our eyes is always a frame Ambilight picture. In Nayun square, we see the Hani Bamboo Dance bold, simple and unsophisticated Dai Peacock, red deer dance, xiangjiaogu dance and Lahu and swing dance, these colorful, full of charm of ethnic customs, is not a stage performance, but a part of their real life. Into the South River barrier Nayun City, here is the Menglian Xuan Fu Department is 28 knife Tusi Menglian rule lasted for more than 600 years now, the last one is Chinese Dai Town, located in the border, has a long history, since the Yuan Dynasty is the southern Yunnan political economic and cultural and religious center of. According to Jinshan and the construction of Nayun ancient city is a pure Dai village, consisting of three city two village, from top to bottom is according to the rank order of the layout of the. Chieftain era, Shangcheng Buddhist temple is the chieftain and local slaves living in the city, officials and family members of the Buddhist temple is the place of residence, the city temple is subordinate official residence, Fang Gang and awn mans side take forestry officer and Orion living in the stockade, the highest Meng Lianxuan Fu Department is located in the city, and the city temple it stands in the vicinity of Xuan Fu department. In Southeast Asia the Dai People’s heart, it is a sacred place, ancient Xuan Fu Dai Tusi Menglian yamen department is located here, is the preservation of a chieftain bureaucratic most intact. Every day after work, they will Dai River levee bath. The map on the bright sun, the river rippling, people play while bathing, each side, splashing water, and also sang beautiful folk songs. Soak in the water, people wash away the hard day after the exhaustion, enjoy the leisurely time. Let the heart falter Songkran, at this season quietly birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers. The water sprinkling Festival is the Dai people of the Dai new year, everyone will invariably go splashing carnival. On the road, often encounter the ambush in the road on both sides of the attack, but this bucket of water in the body, is for your best wishes. Dressed in colorful national costumes of the Dai people, and countless tourists as admiring as we gather a,.相关的主题文章: