The sacked officials mobile phone number for thousands of businesses called money is because of fear

The sacked officials mobile phone number for thousands of businesses called "money is because of fear of the poor", a small mobile phone was stored with thousands of business owners of mobile phone number, for Sun Jian, the number is a kind of power and interests can be linked to the tool. From 2002 to 2014, he is through the mobile phone number, the Deputy Secretary General of the government of Huaian City, Jiangsu Province, director of the administrative examination and approval center, post bureau Party Secretary of Commerce, has money more than 160 yuan. Recently, the Huaian city procuratorate prosecution, the city intermediate people’s court sentenced Sun Jian to six years in prison for taking bribes, and fined $500 thousand yuan. The crime of bribery proceeds shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury. All kinds of the money making operation business bureau, has always been the eyes of the outside water yamen". Sun Jian served as secretary of the Huaian Municipal Bureau of Commerce, is a set of people, wealth and power in one. In a word, a command, you can approve the project, mobilize funds, promote cadres. He also became a lot of people hunting corrupting objects. In 2012, Huaian real estate group chairman Li Peng due to liquidity problems, please help Sun Jian. Sun Jian by the Bureau of Commerce to buy office buildings from Li Peng of the machine, more than 1000 yuan mortgage lending by the bank authorized in advance, eased Li Peng as pressing danger. When the Spring Festival, Li Peng will be 4000 yuan shopping card sent to the hands of Sun Jian. The second half of 2012, Sun Jian played the idea of the development of Peng Peng shop. In order not to gossip, Sun Jian found a close partnership with his businessman Chen Fu investment, agreed to the name of the loan in the name of the purchase, the proceeds of the half of the. Li Peng know reciprocated, eventually to 68 thousand yuan per square meter price of nearly 5 million yuan shops sold to Chen fu. Shoufu, Chen Fu paid 170 thousand yuan, Sun Jian only invested 30 thousand yuan, the rest of the first payment paid by Li Peng. Since then, Sun Jian and the annual rent of 200 thousand yuan shops, the price of 500 thousand yuan Fanzu to Li Peng. Through the purchase, low price high Fanzu Sun Jian profit more than 50 yuan. Eighteen years later, the central anti-corruption high pressure situation. Although Sun Jian did not dare to directly accept bribes, but this did not stop, but turned to Chen Fu has been engaged in Tanggou wine business. The drinks industry big profits, a business director, power sub Road, sell it a few hundred boxes there be nothing difficult. So, whenever Sun Jian rightly refused to bribe, will casually say: "you go there to buy some bar chen." Ask him for help businessmen have understood from Chen Fu to spend big price to buy wine, gave Sun Jian the money to Chen Fu, then by Chen Fu back to sun jian. In this way, Sun Jian has 17 times to accept Chen Fu sent thanks fee $298 thousand, shopping card 4000 yuan. "Save" not enough money "I put too much emphasis on money, because the poor fear……" Sun Jian said in the confession. Sun Jian is an ordinary peasant boy. Parents are sick, as the boss of the house, he had to take care of the 4 brother and sister, lived very hard, often rely on the sweet potato Rice porridge to eat. Later he went to Huaiyin agricultural school, life相关的主题文章: