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The same handicap: Florence Pingban Bremen lose good at playing ball half plate of different teams have different ability to get the ball. Different bets represent different strength gap. So, what the team in which bets, benefited in every way? What are the giants, in which bets, frequently slip up? The same historical position, to the Macao "as the standard, from the previous team bets performance, with practical reference for you. (Win: W; D; transport disc: disc: L) dynamic Macao handicap European odds Sina instant lottery channel start time against the history of the history of chupan aocai odds odds 23:00 on the 23 day (Sunday) 01 Chelsea   VS  LLW WLW; United Pingban 21:30 on the 23 day (Sunday) 02 Leipzig   VS  Bremen; a ball ball half WLW WWW 23:30 on the 23 day (Sunday) 03 Shaerke   VS  LWW WWL 23, 21:00 Mainz hemisphere (Sunday) 04 Atlanta   VS  in LWW WLL 23 meters by Pingban 21:00 (Sunday) 05 Empoli   VS  LLW WWL 23 hand cut walpin 21:00 (Sunday   VS  06) Croteau; then, the ball half ball LWW 23 WL- 21:00 (Sunday) 07 Turin   VS  WWL LLL 23, 21:00 flat Lazio (Sunday) 08 Cagliari   VS  Florence by plane Half LWL LLL 24 00:00 (Monday) 09 BOLONI   VS  LDW 24 LLL SA Thoreau tie 02:45 (Monday) 10 Rome   VS  Palermo two ball WWL L– 23 22:15 (Sunday) 11 Seville   VS  LWW WWL; the horse racing hemisphere by 00:30 on the 24 day (Monday) 12 Malaga   VS  LWW WWL; Laijianei half 00:30 on the 24 day (Monday) 13 David Villa   VS  a WWD DWW 24 02:45 laspada (Monday) 14 Huang Ma   VS  Bilbao LLW LLL   ball half ball;相关的主题文章: