The son of Sun Libei crossing the street and so on happy in my mother’s back (Figure) xpphone

The son of Sun Libei crossing the street and so on happy in my mother’s back (Figure) and Sun Li and Phoenix Entertainment News recently, the son of Sun Lihe, to go out shopping. A casual hat Sun Li carrying the son off into the bakery across the street, soon after buying the bread by her son Sun Li trot returned to the car, then put his son into the car after Sun Li and quickly ran back to the store after a while from the store out of the home with his son.     Sun Li and so on the back of the Sun Li, and so on, from time to time to show a happy smile, enjoy the mother’s back. From the back of Sun Li and so on the position of view, is also a good mother. Sun Li a good mother, which will hold her earlier, Deng Chao and his wife Sun Li, was photographed with her daughter flowers together in the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the day of Sun Li and her daughter wearing women’s mother, Sun Li turned woman man through security without Deng Chao’s help then to carry luggage, walk out of the airport after baggage will be handed over to Deng Chao Sun Li alone hold her hand, while dragging luggage to Deng Chao is the way behind the car together on the way. Deng Chao Sun Li followed the phone side to push the car, floret sister single hand holding flowers sister, not laborious, looks very skilled. Deng Chao followed, in the car when the super brother play "entourage" advantage, quickly carry luggage on the train. Two siblings god synchronization, adorable baby super cute sister meditation Sun Li once in micro-blog sun flower sister down to meditate, but also drying out two years ago and meditation photos, along with the text: "two years ago, and now my sister." So meditation in the picture of Meng Da flowers and carefully look adorable brother and so on meditation bad friends: "God synchronization." "Blessed, a lovely child." "Cute adorable baby." It is reported that, in 2005, Sun Li and Deng Chao in the shooting drama "happiness like flowers," because of the drama. In April 25, 2011, Deng Chao has said that the marriage certificate in February 8, 2010, his birthday with Sun Li for June 7th, Sun Li and Deng Chao have already pregnant wedding in Shanghai. The morning of February 8, 2014, Sun Li is pregnant with a second child in micro-blog acknowledged and generous drying out front belly and son so as, on Sept. 3, Sun Li birth to a daughter in Hongkong, named "little flower" (Deng Hanyi). With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: