The Supreme People’s Procuratorate poverty alleviation flies greed prominent prosecutors to Sohu on

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate: poverty alleviation flies greed prominent prosecutors to Sohu on news yesterday, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office held a joint meeting in Gansu, decided to jointly carry out a period of 5 years to focus on remediation and strengthen the prevention of job-related crimes special work in poverty alleviation. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate Cao Jianming said at the meeting, the current poverty alleviation flies greed, ant greedy problems, therefore the procuratorial organs to stare at the grassroots level. Since the eighteen year, poverty alleviation and development work has entered a crucial stage, the central and local government funding for poverty alleviation will also be greater, more projects. Cao Jianming said that large-scale investment in the investigation and prevention of job-related crimes put forward higher requirements. The duty crime areas of poverty alleviation focused on grassroots reporters from the meeting yesterday learned that, compared with other areas, the crime occurred poverty alleviation stations and rural grassroots organizations in villages and towns. Cao Jianming pointed out that some grassroots cadres and the rural "two committees" using financial system is not perfect, financial supervision is not in place, poverty alleviation and information asymmetry loopholes, through another, interception sneak deduction, false impersonator etc., evade supervision, deceive the masses. From the prosecution case, all areas of poverty alleviation and development related crimes involving the implementation of the policy, the use of funds, public services and links, showing a "fly greedy ant greedy problems, Woan Chuanan, prominent corruption problems. To this end, Cao Jianming stressed that the procuratorial organs at all levels should always focus on the grassroots level, for the farmers to report and accuse, through field visits, checking accounts and other ways to carry out meticulous investigation, ensure clues verification, pieces of pieces of landing". In addition, the masses are not only concerned about whether the "worm" of the funds for helping the poor is being investigated, but also concerned about whether the poverty alleviation funds can be implemented. In the case, the procuratorial organs at all levels should not only adhere to the rational and civilized norms of justice, careful selection of time and way of handling, but also pay attention to restore economic losses through the case. What areas and links should be supervised after the key procuratorial organs of poverty alleviation funds and projects become involved in the field of poverty alleviation? It is understood that the poverty area of crime occurs mostly in the poverty alleviation funds allocation, distribution management and project reporting, audit, approval, implementation, inspection and acceptance etc.. Therefore, yesterday’s meeting pointed out that procuratorial organs at all levels should focus on poverty alleviation funds and poverty alleviation projects. Cao Jianming also said that the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas has its particularity, the state will take some special measures to support, so the procuratorial organs should focus on the poor old revolutionary base areas of major infrastructure project development plan, ethnic areas and livelihood projects, border areas to accelerate the development of decision-making arrangements, and actively prevent the occurrence of serious investigation in in the process of poverty alleviation in old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas of crime. Reporters from the meeting also noted that the big image project, face job, resulting in poverty alleviation fund losses, which constitutes a crime, the procuratorial organs dereliction of responsibility should be investigated according to law. Beijing News reporter Wang Mengyao

最高检:扶贫领域“蝇贪”突出 检察机关要盯住-搜狐新闻  昨日,最高人民检察院和国务院扶贫办在甘肃联合召开会议,决定联合开展为期5年的集中整治和加强预防扶贫领域职务犯罪专项工作。最高人民检察院检察长曹建明在会上表示,当前扶贫领域“蝇贪”、“蚁贪”问题突出,为此检察机关要盯住基层。十八大以来,扶贫开发工作进入攻坚阶段,中央和地方政府扶贫资金投入也将更大、项目更多。曹建明表示,大规模的资金投入对查办和预防职务犯罪提出了更高要求。   扶贫领域职务犯罪集中在基层   记者从昨天的会议上了解到,与其他领域相比,扶贫领域职务犯罪多发生在乡镇站所和农村基层组织。曹建明指出,一些基层干部和农村“两委”人员利用财经制度不健全、资金监管不到位、扶贫信息不对称等漏洞,通过巧立名目、截留克扣、虚报冒领等方式瞒天过海,逃避监管、欺骗群众。   从检察机关办案情况看,与扶贫开发相关的职务犯罪涉及政策落实、资金使用、公共服务等各个领域和环节,呈现出“蝇贪”“蚁贪”问题突出、窝案串案突出、贪污渎职问题突出的情况。   为此,曹建明强调,各级检察机关要始终把重点放在基层,对于农民群众的举报、控告,要通过实地走访、查验账目等方式开展精细化初查,确保案件线索“件件核实、件件落地”。此外,群众不仅关心贪食扶贫款项的“蛀虫”是否被查处,也关心扶贫资金能否得到落实。在办案中,各级检察机关不仅要坚持理性平和文明规范司法,慎重选择办案时机和方式,还要注重通过办案挽回经济损失。   扶贫资金和项目成监管重点   检察机关介入扶贫领域后要监管哪些领域和环节?   据了解,扶贫领域的职务犯罪大多发生在扶贫资金分配、发放管理以及项目、申报、审核审批、项目实施、检查验收等环节。为此,昨天的会议指出,各级检察机关要把扶贫资金和扶贫项目作为重点。   曹建明还表示,革命老区、民族地区、边疆地区有其特殊性,国家将采取一些特殊支持措施,因此检察机关要围绕贫困革命老区振兴发展规划、民族地区重大基础设施项目和民生工程建设、边疆地区加快发展等决策部署,严肃查办和积极预防发生在革命老区、民族地区、边疆地区、连片特困地区脱贫攻坚过程中的职务犯罪。   记者从会议上还注意到,对大搞形象工程、面子工程,造成扶贫资金损失、构成犯罪的,检察机关要依法追究失职渎职责任。   新京报记者 王梦遥相关的主题文章: